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  1. So what did Joseph do?

    From the ajc article: "On Tuesday, attorneys representing Joseph released statements, social-media messages and text messages from about 25 former players, staff and parents in defense of Joseph." GT attorneys better have at least 26 to testify if this is gonna be a jury trial. So far they...
  2. General Investing and Economics Discussion - No Politics

    I entered this as a point of information, not making a comment for or against. As an investor this is a important piece of info. As Politico points out a lot of this is importers simply raising inventory levels to moderate the effect of a possible increase in tariffs. There is also the tax cut...
  3. General Investing and Economics Discussion - No Politics

    From Politico: "The U.S. trade deficit in goods with China set a new record during President Donald Trump’s second year in office, despite his efforts to rein in what the administration views as Beijing's trade transgressions. The trade gap rose to $419.2 billion in 2018, from the previous...
  4. OC Hire

  5. OC Hire

    FWIW -- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Brent Key (born August 1, 1978) is an American college football coach and former player. Key is currently the offensive line coach at the University of Alabama. Until his hire at Alabama on February 15, 2016, Key was the offensive coordinator...
  6. Potential Head Coach Hires

    1. Satterfield is my personal choice. But local papers in the area write that he and his wife are married to small town America. Question is, would a $2 million raise make the big city more attractive? Plus his DC is already in place. 2. TStan keeps using the phrase a "coach that fits GT"...
  7. Potential Head Coach Hires

    O'Leary and Fridge live about 70 miles down the road at Oconee.
  8. General Investing and Economics Discussion - No Politics

    Everything is connected, i.e. "China's trade surplus with the United States ballooned to a record $34.1 billion in September despite a raft of US tariffs, official data showed Friday...".
  9. Dylan Thomas Tribute

    My granddaughters are Pike County High grads. This is really a tight knit community.
  10. So will the starters stay the same?

    The ajc article on Stewart holding for King stated that the kicker picks the holder.
  11. Paul Johnson reveals starting lineup for Georgia Tech

    This lineup is for a game against Alcorn. Check back next week and see who starts vs USF.
  12. Fall Camp Thread

    As I recall VT offered Graham as a WR. Every coach that has coached him says his athletic ability is off the charts. Appears the staff are trying to get the best athletes on the field.
  13. Breastfeeding in Public: Thoughts?

    Mom's have been breastfeeding their children in public for thousands of years. Cannot think of a single reason they should stop now.
  14. Well, I guess it may not be all that surprising

    Yeah! What does the G S T stand for?
  15. Happy 4th Of July To Everyone On The Swarm Message Board!

    It is Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 242nd birthday of the Independence of the United States of America. Happy Independence Day to all!
  16. Lineup for this season?

    Banks is on the official roster as a JR. Does mean he is eligible to play?
  17. A Note from Charles Krauthammer

    I pray I take the news as well as he has.
  18. A Note from Charles Krauthammer

    Washington Post A note to readers By Charles Krauthammer Opinion writer June 8 at 12:01 PM I have been uncharacteristically silent these past ten months. I had thought that silence would soon be coming to an end, but I’m afraid I must tell you now that fate has decided on a different course...
  19. It looks like Samantha Bee's TBS TV Program Isn't Going To Be On Much Longer

    Never heard of this show. If on TBS must not be highly rated. Does this have something to do with the Roseanne (sp?) show being cancelled?