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  1. Ramblingon

    Bracket Busting

    Maybe the ACC wasn't so bad after all. At least we have a representative left. Big 10 and SEC gone.
  2. Ramblingon

    Damon Stoudamire

    My uncle played for Tech in the mid to late 40s and was nicknamed "Mouse." Hopefully a good sign.
  3. Ramblingon

    Damon Stoudamire

    That was quick. Looked him up on Wikipedia and he's already listed as the Georgia Tech coach.
  4. Ramblingon

    Thanks Coach Pastner

    Thank you Coach P. Here we go with another 3-4 years of rebuild. Good luck.
  5. Ramblingon

    Returning Players

    Does anyone know aboiut Howard, Smith and Maxwell? Have not see them on the sidelines. Have heard about Smith's injury, but not the other two. Just wondering what the future is there.
  6. Ramblingon

    ACC Tourney

    This felt like the old ACC tourney games. Best to the Jackets and good luck tomorrow.
  7. Ramblingon

    What made the Cremins years so special?

    I am staring on my wall at a copy of the AJC sports front page, framed and signed by the 1985 team and Coach Cremins. The story tells of Tech beating UNC for the ACC title, and the tide of the ACC began slowly turning. After that Cremins brought in the cream de la cream of basketball recruits...
  8. Ramblingon

    GT @ Syracuse 2/28/23 GAME THREAD

    Afraid Franklin has used up all of his eligibility...covid et al.
  9. Ramblingon

    GT @ Syracuse 2/28/23 GAME THREAD

    I may be hallucinating. I've never quite seen anything like this. If it was a division 2 team it might make sense. I feel sorry for Syracuse, my father's hometown. Praise to all of the Tech players who played way above their stats. Afraid to wake up tomorrow morning...all will be back to reality.
  10. Ramblingon

    GT vs Louisville (2/25/23) - SENIOR DAY GAME THREAD

    Great win and holding onto the lead, Jackets! Excellent team effort. Keep it up!
  11. Ramblingon

    Notre Dame at GT

    Nothing like winning when there's literally 0.1 second left.
  12. Ramblingon

    Notre Dame, 1/10 at ND Game

    Where was Moore? Is he hurt?
  13. Ramblingon

    Miami 1/4/23 - GAME THREAD

    The boys pulled it off. Had to like Smith's heroics at the end. Terry just had the game of his life and Kelly (Mr. Parkview) is on fire. Tech is starting to find the right combination.
  14. Ramblingon

    THWG: Ugag Game Thread

    It's fun watching Moore and Kelly slowly grow up. It may take a while but they're looking good.
  15. Ramblingon

    Official: Brent Key is Georgia Tech Football's Head Coach

    Excellent decision for a Tech man!
  16. Ramblingon

    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    I'm a Ga. Southern contributor and alum and have dealt with the athletic department. Just happen to be a Tech fan since birth. He's had success at a lower level. But Southern had success already when he came in.
  17. Ramblingon

    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Fritz is the wrong move. He was at Ga. Southern and had a couple of fairly successful seasons, then bolted to Tulane. He had 6 sub 500 seasons there and fortunately had a good season this year. Sounds a little like Collins resume. Key is your man.
  18. Ramblingon

    GT vs NIU basketball game MEGATHREAD.

    I was impressed with the energy level that we had most of the game, I believe spearheaded by Smith. I wish Franklin was taller.
  19. Ramblingon

    Battle of ATL

    Glad they put it together towards the end. The three sophs were looking good, but a lot of problems beyond them. Howard didn't score and was in foul trouble. This won't be the first time this happens this season. We have no answer when he is out other than playing small ball. And we have not set...
  20. Ramblingon

    GT vs Clayton State game notes

    Second half more of what we hoped for. Terry may be the go to guy. Howard played well without PF problems. Coleman still not taking control. Kelly starting to shake off the cobwebs.