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  1. ybeenormal

    I'm really sorry for Nessler and Daniels

    Hahaha I love lsu today
  2. ybeenormal

    Georgia Postgame

    Still scratching my head at putting Yates in at the one yard line on his first drive.
  3. ybeenormal

    Miami Postgame #GTvsMIA

    So happy coach P finally figured out what a running back was. Great win!
  4. ybeenormal

    The Citadel Postgame

    Calm down Nancy lol. It was just a simple question. No need for you to bad mouth my nuts. So I'm guessing you're all for king getting the kicks? How'd that go for ya today?
  5. ybeenormal

    The Citadel Postgame

    Was the ATL the reason king was still kicking at the end? I know wells missed the pat but wtf? Night shift made me miss much of the first half
  6. ybeenormal

    Tre Swilling is a MAN

    It took an absolute perfect pass by the back up qb to score on him. Not very many, if any, could've defended that pass
  7. ybeenormal

    Supporting John

    God bless you and your baby girl John. Prayers for your family sent your way
  8. ybeenormal

    Merry Christmas To All The Swarm Posters

    Merry Christmas and safe holidays to everyone here!
  9. ybeenormal

    I know what team y’all like...

    Ah man that's just plain cruel. I'm glad I missed this alert too...... Patiently waiting
  10. ybeenormal

    Well this year sucked

    Just hope the falcons have truly turned it around..... It's all I have left. Well, war Damn eagle, I guess.
  11. ybeenormal

    Beat uga or not

    Although I don't think they have a chance against Alabama, it would be really nice to claim we were the ones that knocked em out of the playoff race. THWG
  12. ybeenormal

    my abc affiliate

    I'm having to watch the end of this crappy Michigan game. The longest 4 mins in football history is always in the game before the one I want to watch.
  13. ybeenormal

    2017 GT UDFAs

    Didn't get to watch much of the draft. What happened with gamble? Figured he'd atleast get udfa
  14. ybeenormal

    Hey, Brendan Douglas

    Not that I'm taking up for him but iirc he was worried about passing academically. I'm guessing he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed.
  15. ybeenormal

    Future looks bright!!

    Could he not be making the pitch because of limited playing time? I don't really care. I like watching a bruiser that lays the licks instead of always receiving them. And as I'm typing this Jordan fumbles on the pitch.....still like him tho
  16. ybeenormal

    Clinton Lynch

    Great hands too. When the ball is thrown his way, he's catching that ball
  17. ybeenormal

    GT Football

    It's a shame too because we have some really good players on both sides of the ball
  18. ybeenormal

    GameDay !!!!!

    The two I'm talking about is where the defenders came through the line with not even a finger on them.....untouched. No way that should happen once much less twice within a minute
  19. ybeenormal

    GameDay !!!!!

    Well so much for that great pass protection we saw in the first few games. Those 2 sacks might be the worst 2 plays I've seen in a couple of years
  20. ybeenormal

    I have heard it all now

    Now they just need to start losing