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  1. jzgt22

    I'm bored... let's predict the UNIFORMS for the upcoming season.

    Shine on young man! We need young passionate fans like yourself to take up and carry the good word! Don't let us old dudes get in your way! End of the day we all want to see GT be great!
  2. jzgt22

    General News about Key and his Staff

    Helicopters are cool and all, but we've been seeing coaches do it for years. Who's gonna up the ante and skydive onto the field for a 5 star? That said I'm very glad to see the path CBK has us on and looking forward to results on the field.
  3. jzgt22

    Portal Watch 2022-23

    Norris hits the portal Kalani Norris officially in the portal
  4. jzgt22

    Today’s the day for Paul Johnson and Ralph Friedgen

    Paul Johnson HOF call with media I really enjoyed that!
  5. jzgt22

    Portal Watch 2022-23

    Well he's in the portal...Brett Seither hits the portal
  6. jzgt22

    Demaryius Thomas: The heart of a legend

    Really nice documentary on DT.
  7. jzgt22

    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Yes that is the epitome of trolling.... he's the coach from a TV show that has been cancelled for a while now...
  8. jzgt22

    Taisun Phommachanh question

    That was Calvin Booker iirc...
  9. jzgt22

    Where's the best place around Atlanta to get Georgia Tech gear?

    I frequent College Collectibles in Peachtree City. They have a similar selection to what you will find on They also had a location in Locust Grove in the Tanger Outlets last time I was down that way, but it's been a few years.
  10. jzgt22

    UCF kick set for 4PM

    UCF Kickoff 4pm Game broadcast on ESPNU
  11. jzgt22

    Jahmyr Gibbs still classy

    Jahmyr keeping it classy with the media.
  12. jzgt22

    ProJackets Update

    McGowan to Commanders practice squad and Juanyeh to Cowboys practice squad.
  13. jzgt22

    ProJackets Update Shaq headed to Tampa Bay reuniting with Tom Brady
  14. jzgt22

    Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    I think Max Browne was their last USC transfer QB.
  15. jzgt22

    RIP Demaryius Thomas

    He was in the second video
  16. jzgt22

    Which GT Swarm Member is this?

    CDogg needs a hug...
  17. jzgt22

    OC and DC replacement thoughts!! He's replacing Butch Davis
  18. jzgt22

    Ja'Quon Griffin

    Pro Football Focus
  19. jzgt22

    The “Money Men”

    Ken Seguira did an article a while back about money guys and quoted this guy: He may be in the mix of the money guys...