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  1. Andewa

    12/5/2021 - UNC @ GT

    This is ridiculous! It's not even the race or post-race ceremony.
  2. Andewa

    GT Legend Dan Radakovich to be next Miami AD

    Wait - why would he leave Clemson?
  3. Andewa

    OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    I remember that. Maybe TStan is appeasing the boosters by appearing to look for "Tech men"
  4. Andewa

    The “Money Men”

    Whoever they are, tell them to let our coach do his job without their interference. You can't tell Collins who he can and can't hire while also holding him accountable for our team's performance. "I'm going to make all of your decisions for you and then blame you when things don't work out."
  5. Andewa

    Georgia Tech, Your 2021 ACC Champions

    Amazing. I teared up a bit after the game when Jose said, "I wasn't supposed to play in the ACC, but he took a chance on me." Right in the feels.
  6. Andewa

    So, should we withdraw the appeal on post season ban?

    I've been 100% in favor of suing the NCAA for years. I'm delighted to hear it may actually happen. Don't f**k with the Institute.
  7. Andewa

    New Senior Offensive Advisor Ostrowski

    His job is to scout opposing teams and game plan. That way our assistant coaches don't have to hurry through it in a week's time. This guy can spend several weeks scouting an opponent for us.
  8. Andewa

    LaBarrie gives his story ...

    Hire him back. The NCAA has repeatedly proven that their enforcement is a joke. They're going to try and screw us every couple of years just to make themselves feel like they are doing a good job, so why do we even care about them anymore?
  9. Andewa

    Collins on 92.9 today.

    Anyone else notice Joe Ham in that vid?
  10. Andewa

    Supporting John

    Life can be such a wonderful experience at times, but then sometimes it can turn into absolute hell in the blink of an eye. A hell where you experience pain beyond describing and the feeling that you just can't stand to bear it. I can promise you that you have the strength and courage to...
  11. Andewa

    Thoughts before I depart

    @RamblinRed Hey man thanks for all of the insight and content you add to the forums. Best of luck to you and your family. Those kinds of issues can really weigh on you....
  12. Andewa

    What I'll miss about Tech football … and what I hope to see

    I will miss the offense as well as CPJ's *insanely* adept play calling. Anyone remember the game against Vanderbilt a few years back? Our first offensive play was a touchdown. When asked about it, CPJ responded with something like "Well I was walking around before the game, and I saw their...
  13. Andewa

    OC Hire

    Temple's offensive statistics have not been impressive. Check their FEI and SP ratings. Hopefully we hire someone else.
  14. Andewa

    One year of Nate Woody. What do we think?

    I've been very pleased. I understand that overall the defensive performance is about the same, but there are some key differences: -All positions in roof's D were bad, and they were bad consistently. Our DLine has been great all year and the LB/DB have showed flashes here and there. -We've...
  15. Andewa

    Serious ? from a BB "newb"

    I can't rank us within the ACC because I don't follow other teams, but I'm really pleased with what Pastner is building. It's a painfully slow process with a lot left to go, but I've been really impressed with the year-to-year development of the players. Alvarado is my favorite player. Watch...
  16. Andewa

    I like this defense better. Why do I like this defense better?

    I think think if you look at the average of the statistics over the whole year, you'll find they compare similarly to previous years. However, I would hypothesize that the standard deviation of this year's statistics is much larger. In other words, I think our defense has been a lot more...
  17. Andewa

    $125M Capital Campaign Launch

    Does it bother anyone else that the progress bar on the website not accurately reflect the amount raised?
  18. Andewa

    Live at the Thrillerdome

    Thank you for the insight!
  19. Andewa

    Nate Woody

    The only stat that matters to me is P5PPD: Points per drive vs power 5 teams. It accounts for more variables than points per game or yards per play. I'll evaluate that at the end of the season to judge NW's performance, but my hypothesis so far is that he's kicking ***.