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  1. Wreck Talk Interviews

    Comes across as a sharp guy who gets it.
  2. Way too Early 2023 Predictions

    I think we'll be 4-4 going into Carolina. Then gotta take 2/3 vs Cuse/Carolina/Virginia to get bowl eligible. Barring bad luck with injuries/football gods I think we get that done. But if we dont, I just want to see us play like Key had us playing last year....with great mental toughness. Never...
  3. Way too Early 2023 Predictions

    49ers be physical! Wonder if J. Mason was hurt. Dunno if he got in.
  4. Way too Early 2023 Predictions

    Don't care about no stinking W/L record. Just want a bunch of tough SOBs who are physical and keep coming at you hard as hell for 60 minutes. Want to play smart, disciplined Foosball and leave the opponent black-and-blue. Thing is, if we do this I guarantee we'll win our share of ballgames. If...
  5. Portal Watch 2022-23

    One never knows how a transfer like this will do. Checking out the film it looks like he has a reasonable chance to be solid for us. He makes all kind of tough catches with dudes draped all over him, and some impressive grabs going out of bounds. Body control is excellent. Probably won't be as...
  6. General News about Key and his Staff

    Also no idea how Faulkner will do. No P5 coordinator experience, and while he is experienced his offenses have been pretty middling historically.It's also important to note that then is not now. Faulkner just had 3 yrs of finishing school under an extremely well-regarded OC in what is CFBs most...
  7. Brent Key Introductory Press Conference

    Sounds like what we did with Zach and Taisun to beat ranked unc on the road. So not just lip service.
  8. POLL: How do you feel about Key as HFC?

    Thoughts: Recruiting: -Main benefit to me from being a Tech Man is it will give him lots of credibility with recruits because he can speak with conviction from personal experience about the GT experience. -Because he has a strong reputation as arecruiter from time at Bama, and because parents...
  9. POLL: How do you feel about Key as HFC?

    Feel free to add your thoughts on your choice below.
  10. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Key has obviously done a hell of a job in tough situation and merits an interview. At such an interview we should learn his long-term/vision is for the program. How will he execute it? What is his plan for recruiting? For NIL and the portal? How does he intend to go about putting together a...
  11. What's your game plan to beat UGA?

    Take out dude in the bulldog suit in tunnel and put it on (may require screen by stooges in janitor suits). Run out onto field with Dwags to their sideline. Slip into injury tent and change into trainer's uniform. Remove packs of what appears to be gatorade from Bulldog head. Walk up to water...
  12. #Postgame GTvFSU FSU 41-GT 16

    Offensive struggles compound our punting struggles. Really puts the D in a bad place again and again.
  13. #Postgame GTvFSU FSU 41-GT 16

    DL transfers are frustrating…Jared Ivey, Jordan Domineck (both 4-star) and even a little Chico Bennett to rub salt in the wound. Tillman is the one coach I would definitely be interested in rehiring. My heart wants to say Key too, but the offensive line has been abysmal. Guess anyone can coach...
  14. #Postgame GTvFSU FSU 41-GT 16

    Also he would be likely to take a physical beating and possibly have his confidence shredded as well.
  15. #Postgame GT 9 - UVA 16

    I'd hoped the OL was turning the corner after Duke. But UV's front 7 destroyed us.
  16. #Postgame GT 9 - UVA 16

    Felt bad for Chip Long. He had some very reasonable stuff he tried to run and we couldn't execute. Only critique of his was not trying earlier to get the ball out Chip's hands faster a la the last drive.
  17. #Postgame GT 9 - UVA 16

    Even with Sims in he wasn't running downhill. Clearly ankle was already an issue. Makes me even madder about the Duke game. No phantom roughing the passer and Duke doesn't send it into OT. No OT and Sims doesn't get hurt.
  18. #Postgame GT 9 - UVA 16

    Illegal touching penalty was a killer. Gotta line up right.
  19. Jeff Sims Reset?

    Decision making is improving for sure. Think Weinke and Long are helping, as well as just accumulated experience. Has more consistent footwork. Also think some receiving threats are emerging in McCollum and Blackburn. Protection is still pretty iffy. Line needs to keep improving. But yeah...
  20. Aced it!

    Ace did not look good early last year but as the year wore on he looked more and more comfortable with what we were doing and began to play a lot faster. I thought he'd have a chance to have a big year this year and so far so good.