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  1. Welcome Coach Collins!

    Woo buddy. Seeing a 6 man blitz on 3rd and long makes me so happy!
  2. Welcome Coach Collins!

    Lol Funny he had his styrofoam go cup for his soda.
  3. Atlanta United News

    Lets hope the 5 stripes can do what they are supposed to do! I’ll be watching! Got my scarf on all day!
  4. Army Navy Game

    What the hell kinda show is God Friended Me? WTH is happening with network TV?
  5. Welcome Coach Collins!

    No kidding. It’s so weird. Today I was on the way to the grocery store and I flipped on 92.9 and they were talking about GT positively. They never talk about us on weekend shows. Today they spent at least 3 segments on us because they were still talking about us an hour later when I got back in...
  6. Anyone else just really happy?

    Cool. You don’t like what I have to say use the ignore button.
  7. Welcome Coach Collins!

    Glad coach Collins is already embracing the city. Fantastic! That’s the most fanatic fanbase in the city and would be great to partner up with them!
  8. Anyone else just really happy?

    I’ve had several posts removed. It is what it is.
  9. Anyone else just really happy?

    See that’s your problem. You think he hate CPJ. I don’t at all. He was a great coach but not perfect. He gave us the highest years but his floor was much lower than other other coaches.
  10. Anyone else just really happy?

    No we aren’t. I am saying that PJ was not maximizing recruiting abilities though and that was his biggest oversight.
  11. Anyone else just really happy?

    They sure are. Read my comment above regarding what Derrick Morgab said about him and our own Roddy Jones. After Collins largely hauled in GT BEST RECRUITING CLASS IN HISTORY In one year on campus, Saban is quoted as saying he wanted Collins on his staff because if he could be responsible for a...
  12. Anyone else just really happy?

    He is skewing everything to bolster Paul Johnson. He is completely shook by PJs retirement. PJ hasn’t had one kid drafted in 2 years and of the last 3 (who I think were Butker, Gotsis and Smelter?) and one of those was a kicker. So PJ got Collins and Gaileys players drafted, gotta few of his own...
  13. Anyone else just really happy?

    I’m getting back on topic. I won’t be talked down to by some 5-6 decade old fans who are stuck in that era and can’t accept football has changed and we don’t need an old curmudgeon leading us and accepting GT can’t do better and blaming external factors on our woes. I’ve said with the right...
  14. Anyone else just really happy?

    We won’t learn a damn thing about CGC after one game. CPJ had such good success in year one and two because of Geoff Collins and Chan’s Gift of the best recruiting class in school history. Anyone could have won with that talent in the cupboard. That’s super ironic isn’t it? CPJ benefited from...
  15. Anyone else just really happy?

    Which clearly we weren’t doing enough of under the last staff. So you just made those of us who were ready for changes point.
  16. Press conference 6:30 PM Eastern.

    Also YouTube video link....
  17. Press conference 6:30 PM Eastern.

    Do you really want to have this argument? In the last 5 (relevant most recent years) years we have one one against Duke. Is there really anything else that we need to have said?
  18. Press conference 6:30 PM Eastern.

    1-5 in the last 6 years. Either way GT has lost 4-5z don’t give me the 3 wins with Chan Gaileys players...
  19. Press conference 6:30 PM Eastern. are so stuck and on the triple option. I give you credit you have stuck to your guns. But that period is over. GT is above that service academy mentality. No need to be so abrasive against what the new coach wants to do. Accept the change. The old regime was 1-5 against Duke. That’s...
  20. Press conference 6:30 PM Eastern. you are fun at the Christmas party.