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  1. New Assistant Coach at Clemson

    I'm sure times have changed, but I played for Tucker back in the early 90s. Many guys I played with attended or played for UGA, but it wasn't due to coaches painting a negative picture of GT. It was simply what you did since Tucker was an extremely Pro-UGA town. Tucker also was first rate...
  2. GT's Best: Special Teams

    Rodney Williams Jerrod Tarrant Sisson vs. UVA...1990

    It's not trashing...carry on.

    As our fearless leader is what it is!
  5. Post-season/Pre-season Team Workouts

    Anyone that underestimates the value of a quality S&C program is clueless! As for Cochran, he might be annoying, but the guy knows his stuff and is definitely not overrated!
  6. Coaching changes?

    My guess is nothing and status quo prevails...hope I'm wrong.
  7. S&C program 2014 vs 2015

    I'm of the belief that a good one makes a significant difference.
  8. Ted Roof

    If I recall, that defense at AU was as bad as this one. Difference is that Cam Newton was an absolute beast that year on O! Bottomline, everyone knew what GT was getting with bringing Roof back. We've seen this story before and there was nothing along the way that made me optimistic of it...
  9. JJ Green

    Come on down JJ! On a side note, BD would have been a stud BBack.
  10. 11-Alive article explains Tech loss...

    My goodness that was awful!
  11. Should Winston Have Been Penalized/Ejected For Shoving an Official

    Exactly what the guy above me said!
  12. Should Winston Have Been Penalized/Ejected For Shoving an Official

    I'm not a fan of the guy, but no way should he have been penalized for that. That "authority figure" should have his a$$ in the right place. Haters gonna hate!
  13. Best offense in the country, #100 defense, #22 overall

    I think it was b/c they stopped platooning QBs against us and stuck with Williams. He has been their best QB all season .
  14. UNC Half time thoughts

    Beat MIA, VT, but lose to Duke and potentially UNC...ouch!
  15. If Reggie Ball Can Beat VT in Blacksburg...

    Yep...people hate on Tenuta having a few dud games and not adjusting, but at least GT defense was nationally respected and a force back then. He had guys on the move providing pressure every play.
  16. ESPN: Too Negative at Georgia Tech?

    Can the ATL fans be too negative...sure, but CPJ does not do his program or himself any favors when he is frequently sassy!
  17. 9/13/14

    As a GT fan, there is no such thing as a gimme!
  18. Tight End stuff

    CPJ used a TE some during the GSU years of Adrian Peterson.
  19. Notre Dame to Under Armour

    Perfect uni right here!
  20. Notre Dame to Under Armour

    That is some BS right there^^^ Nothing like surrounding yourself with crap...look at the company being kept. Not sure why Clemson is on there, their uniforms are Nike.