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  1. Ole Miss @ GT

    Sims has to stay healthy and not throw any INT's.
  2. #WCUvsGT Postgame Discussion

    That was one play that really stood out for me. Ran it back to the 12 yd line , 3 plays gained 1 yd. A TD would have beat the spread for our betting fans. Saban would have made sure of a TD there for Bama fans !
  3. Deion/ GT having discussion?

    Let's hope we end up this season with any coach than the one we have. Not sure that Stansbury will pull the trigger if Tech wins 5 games. Really don't see the love some have for Deion, think his hire would really turn Tech into a circus sideshow.
  4. GAMEDAY!!

    I like it !!
  5. New at BDS for 2022.

    Yep! I would like us to also return to some combination of white/gold uniforms ! For crying outloud , all blue ???
  6. Deion/ GT having discussion?

    Deion, as the HC of Tech?? Please, don't let that happen !!
  7. Week 1 #CLEMvsGT Media

    LOL, I thought we were too Lorenzo !! I bet we're not done with " elite " either!
  8. good news on attendance.

    You make good points that should be clear to the "lets join the B10 crowd". I do believe that Tech's best bet to improve our standing ,perception wise, is to remain in the ACC. Some how, some way get better coaching, better players and try to stay within the top 30 every year. Then we can take a...
  9. My bold predictions for this year

    I mostly agree with your opinion re: locker room, players quitting or leaving for other programs. My opinion is : Tech ( at this time ) just does not have enough " difference maker " players and have not since Collins has been coach.
  10. UCF news thread

    I don't see any way Tech can win this game. UCF offense will keep Collins and the defense confused , although the Tech offense will score it won't be enough to win. We don't do well against other teams that really have no entrance requirements, boosters with money, and head coaches that might...
  11. Rank Your Excitement for 2022

    For the first time since 1990 my son and I have opted not to renew our 4 season tickets. The last 3 seasons have beat us up. I myself will watch every game available and pull for our players to win, but if they don't I will not scream, cuss or call coaches names! Maybe Tech will win 6 or 7...
  12. B1G expansion?

    That made me LOL, redneck culture !
  13. Where the Program stands

    Did any of you gtswarmers happen to hear a news report on WSB radio that uga has received this year, more than a billion dollars in donations/scholarships and gifts . If true, that is beyond belief!
  14. B1G expansion?

    So I guess we just go ahead and kill ourselves?
  15. B1G expansion?

    With a financial burden like that, I just don't see any ACC schools leaving, let alone Tech.
  16. B1G expansion?

  17. 2022 GT Football News Thread

    my wife and I were at that game. When that game was over and Tech was coming off the field, there was no doubt in my mind that Tech was the #1 team in the nation!
  18. The widening gap of conference revenue streams

    Preach it brother! I can tell you those games would fill BDS !
  19. NCAA Tourney

    Poor Vol fans ! Justice was served! Your team and coach are nothing but, classless *** _ _ _ _ _!
  20. Here's a thought

    No way Tstan is going to be fired. If GC only wins 5 this season he will be let go by TS just to satisfy the few money boosters we have left. Long will take over. Stansbury is the only anchor Tech has right now with somewhat of a plan. If by some strange action he leaves that will be the...