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  1. The Thing I Hate The Most

    Sounds like my life in the late 70s and 80s. Life is too short not to pull for a winner. I guess I learned many character lessons but am so happy my daughter went to Bama and gave me a winner to pull for
  2. Your Favorite Player that No One Talked About

    Recent years: Deon Hill and Charles Perkins Charles one of my all time favorites because he never let the fact that others expectations from early in his career that were hampered by injuries throughout his career keep him from being such a strong Aback to finish. Sometimes in 2014 you would...
  3. Biggest holes to fill O&D 2019

    We have a good start on D. Remember all the current players were recruited for 4-3. As states depth will be an issue on the line but has been for a long time. Offense has too many question marks. Scheme will depend on many answers to those. Zone schemes with RPO will still be very...
  4. Thank you, Paul

    In my 46 years of being a Tech fan, I have seen some great players and some great games. The last 11 have been the pinnacle of these. So many exciting games. So much domination of other teams at times. There has been no other period like it in the modern era. I will miss this offense. I...
  5. blackout map for saturday jax state game

    What I have found is I can start the game from my phone hotspot on Espn3 even if blacked out locally. Then after stream starts I change to my home wifi and the stream continues. Easiest done through a laptop or tablet or smartphone.