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  1. “What’ll ya have?

    Wha? Huh? Did somebody wake me up ?
  2. GT fan attitude toward ND

    I have hated them forever but the capper was a night game at home in the 70s when ND, ahead something like 35-7, called a timeout on our 4 yardline with 4 seconds left. Extreme dislike turned to pure hatred.
  3. Our Stories: Patrick Gamble

    Wow, "More than I can count"...the guy must be as bad at math as I am.
  4. UNC Predictions

    We can't stop anybody. UNC 41...GT 28
  5. Question for you X and O guys

    I admit I don't understand our OL blocking scheme. Still, I wonder why the B back is stuffed so often at the line of scrimmage. Is it a bad read by the QB or do the guards simply whiff on the block? I realize we often leave defenders unblocked but that guard/center gap seems to be left open...
  6. Winning streak

    Since we don't have a serviceable point guard the idea of putting MGH and Smith has worked well. Neither is a terrific ball handler but both can score. Leaving Heath and Jorgenson on the bench is most assuredly addition by subtraction. IMHO MGH has played at an all conference level the last...
  7. Recruiting just my thoughts

    I do agree that he looked prior to his injury.
  8. Recruiting just my thoughts

    Looks like we have the only stumpy, gym rat, white point guard in history that can't shoot.
  9. Looking for Answers in 2015

    Many reasons for this year's debacle and plenty of blame to go around. Despite optimism for the future, this much I know, we ain't going to be consistently good until we can stop folks. It has been years since we had even an average defense.
  10. East Tennessee State

    There was never a doubt. Different team, different players, same result. What's that? 14 straight losses in last minute games. At some point you might begin to question our coaching. 0-14 is more than bad luck.
  11. Does it say anything

    ...that 4 of our starters are transfers? Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled that we finally won a close game but does the fact that so few of CBG's recruits can earn a starting position speak to poor recruiting...lack of player development...something else entirely? Just curious what y'all think.
  12. UVA Postgame

    Need some help, guys. Is the offense inept and the defense hapless or vice versa?
  13. Competition

    As someone stated earlier, the other team has scholarship players too. I hate to lose as much as anyone but the way we lose confounds me. We should have whipped Duke and to completely dominate NC for 25 minutes and then simply disappear for the 2nd half is mystifying. Spotted 21 points we...
  14. How Important is GT's Bowl Streak?

    18 in a row...even if many of them were ho-hum it is a nice streak and I'd hate to see it end. It does denote some consistency and I'd rather go to Shreveport and make it 19 than start over again.
  15. Is the pass rush any better this year?

    So far it might be worse. On the other side, JT has been running for his life.
  16. The current reality of GT Hoops - A Primer

    Surely....surely....we won't lose 12 or so games on the last possession. If we just split we make the NIT.
  17. The Case For Georgia Tech And The Option Offense

    IMHO the offense we run is only as good as the QB. We have seen what a mediocre QB can do. When the right guy is pulling the trigger it is a thing of beauty. That is why I am so concerned about the injury to Byerley. Looks like the guys behind him though potentially good aren't ready yet.
  18. And then there were 4

    If I saw what I think I saw the lad has quite a hairdo.
  19. The downfield lateral, why we don't see it?

    We did see it a few times and maybe more often this as JT finishes polishing his already considerable talents.