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  1. Fanbase Size

    Just a couple of comments. The athletic association definitely considers you an alumnus if you were a student but didn’t graduate. Since we are talking about fan base - let’s use that definition. The professor was being a jerk. Let’s not be jerks.
  2. NIL, Transfers, and Stratospheric Salaries. What Is the Future of GT Football and College Football in General?

    I’m not sure if you mean TV money as in the ESPN contract money? Since that’s coming directly to the conference and schools, I believe that would be expressly pay for play. ( as opposed to the pay for play from external NIL collectives). There is a small percentage that’s coming from legit...
  3. Portal Watch 2022-23

    I agree with this completely. Declaring currently is more about some NIL deal that someone has been promised, not that there might be a new head coach. It's interesting that we've now gone from secret bag men giving money to high school players, to recruiting directly off of current rosters.
  4. CPJ AJC Article

    I’ll just say that I disagree with this take and the comments and quotes were pretty reserved and nothing at all like sensationalism. Asking CPJ to give some thoughts is not the same as provoking a response. I tried to support Collins like any GT coach but there were so many times he just...
  5. #POSTGAME uga 37 - GT 14

    Disappointing finish, but I thought we played hard the whole game. 3 or 4 mistakes that should have been routine plays, the 2 drops and the bad punt snap and this could have been an exciting finish. I'm not saying the fumble was a routine play, but obviously it wasn't covered up when he ran...
  6. New Lethal Weapon 3 doc to air on ACCN after the game on Thursday.

    I was a student 87-90. Those were great times I missed Mark Price, but Tom Hammond Tomahawk dunks and then LW3? Kenny was a magician with that ball in his hand. Incredible basketball!
  7. Toy Drive

    Thanks for the reminder! Went and got them today
  8. GT Vollebees

    GT Baseball coaches all in attendance tonight. Great energy to start.
  9. #Postgame GT 9 - UVA 16

    For those of you saying this is the worst game you’ve ever seen Tech play, I guess you just started watching a couple of weeks ago? I’ve seen much, much worse just this year and I can’t even count the worse games over the last 35 years with every coach we’ve had in that timeframe. I’m...
  10. PFF Week 6 Grades

    I can only see what happens in games not practice, but Dontae appears to me to be the best and most consistent at turning 2 yards into 4 yards, and 4 to 8. I’d like to see what happpens when he gets 20+ carries Which is strange to say after the 157 yard performance from Hall, I know, and I...
  11. Week 5 PFF Grades

    Well, Hall had an incredible end of the 4th quarter, rushing for 112 (with 25, 17, and 63 yard runs) in the last 9 minutes. Up until then he was mostly getting tackled around the line of scrimmage and averaging about 3 ypc.

    I think it’s interesting when he said success is the enemy of success. Isn’t that basically the same as the “rat poison” that Saban talked about? Lol
  13. Week 5 #GTvsPITT Media

    I wouldn’t have any expectations on what is basically a 4 day turnaround, maybe less if they travel on Friday. The team just lost their coach, might be going to lose all their coaches by end of season, and who knows what their state of mind this week is going to be.
  14. Stansbury and Collins Dismissed

    Personally, I’m of the opinion that Collins believed in his process and 100% wanted to be successful. I didnt particularly care for a some of it, but I sincerely believe he did what he thought was good for recruiting and believe he was striving to fix the things that were wrong. But this is a...
  15. Nate McCollom's effort

    Just wanted to pile on with the appreciation for Nate’s hustle on that play and just in general.
  16. Welp. UCF 27 - GT 10

    I don’t , but see it was at about 5 minutes to go in the 3rd Q. 4th and 3 from the 5, McDuffie rushed for —1.
  17. Welp. UCF 27 - GT 10

    The blocked punt returned for TD was devastating. The untimely penalties on 3rd down gave them scores. McCollum’s hustle to get back to strip the ball cannot be commended enough. I saw effort today, but… too many mental mistakes. I do wonder what the thoughts were on 3rd and 4th for 9...
  18. Letter from Todd that came in the mail. Whole paragraph on football. Notice how he mentions funding for coaching positions. You’ll find him listed here, so at least 125k - 200k donations. More than me. Likely more than most on this message board.
  19. Ole Miss @ GT

    Embarrassing first half from my seats. I’m not sure what else to say