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  1. The Heyul Nawl List

    why not bobby hurley? also, what if i told you bobby hurley was one of the five on J's list?
  2. Battle of ATL

    love this analogy. a lot of similarities. i think the main difference is size. usher could play/defend 3,4,5 - inside and outside. a lot of flexibility. smith is only a small perimeter player. much less flexibility offensively and defensively.
  3. Battle of ATL

    thank you. this was a good read.
  4. Battle of ATL

    this is some high quality stuff. thank you. love the lineup data. regarding your skepticism on Smith... my take on Smith from last year: modern bball is FULL of AAU "combo guards". other than the rare exception, "combo guard" means not a 2 and not a 1 and too small to play anything else. does...
  5. Battle of ATL

    watching the replay of the final play, and really like the design. its simple, but its got the right amount of moving pieces to move all the key defenders. kellys timing on the attack was just a half-second off, otherwise it would have been even tougher to guard. double ghost screen to cause...
  6. GT vs Clayton State game notes

    thanks for posting. good listen.
  7. GT vs Clayton State game notes

    my assumption is that it "works" because the two teams are in different divisions. just a guess.
  8. The changing landscape of roster building

    An ambitious post at anytime during the offseason, for sure -- and I applaud it! ~62% of the reason I come to this site is to read @MtnWasp hoops posts, and this did not disappoint. Not sure I agree with all of it, but no arguing that it is thought-provoking. To post it on opening night/day of...
  9. Georgia Tech Basketball: Roster Preview

    a lot of good food for thought here that i like and appreciate. i would argue that differentiating between 2 & 3 is a bit outdated. in today's game, easy to have a 2 on offense who defends the 3 and a 3 on offense who defends the 2 (for the old-school fans who still think about basketball in...
  10. GTMBB 80 Vandy 76 ( Secret exhibition)

    i humbly submit that fanatics need to keep @Techster comments in mind this year, and not immediately rush to the "every year pastner loses early season games to non-P6 this guy sucks, JBatt fire him before xmas, ron bell, memphis, darryl labarrie, etc etc... bobby cremins and rich yunkus and...
  11. Lineup for 2022-23

    I'm a Pastner fan. Yet, I have thought for the last 2 years that no one on the team had a shorter leash than Kyle. In 2020-21 when Jose was still running the show, Kyle had zero margin for error whether he was subbed in for Jose or when he was playing alongside Jose - he was yanked after one...
  12. Lineup for 2022-23

    This is the fascinating question. Because almost no one runs 3-out / 2-in offense anywhere on planet earth anymore. Sure, there are a select few examples (e.g. UNC sometimes), but they tend to be the select few who can hand-pick the best interior *scoring* bigs and can get more than just 1 of...
  13. Jose

    so many great clips, quotes, stats, tweets, etc from this season... but this might be my favorite. pause, and imagine being an undersized teenage guard from nyc and then a few years later this **** appears in the nba. other than the $$$ millions in your bank account, this might be the most...
  14. Jose

    for those who did not watch, or those that watched without listening... jose led all NBA rookies in +/-
  15. Jose
  16. Jose

    there needs to be a way for mods to alert all GT Swarm bball fans to make them aware that this is a MUST watch/listen clip. something like lockdown their account until they see this, then they regain access. amazing.
  17. Jose

  18. Miami at GT

    i like the TIC. a few additional notes in support of your shot-making observation... pastner always says this is a shot-making league. the reality is that its not just the ACC. (natural reaction is "duh".) but the analytics of modern bball are very clear and demonstrate how significant each...
  19. GT vs. FSU, Wednesday Jan 26 at 9pm

    question for those who are close followers... i have not been able to watch much since the holiday break ended. last night it looked to me like deebo had a much greater comfort level on both the offensive and defensive ends. more aggressive and active on both ends. as if the game is slowing...
  20. GT vs. FSU, Wednesday Jan 26 at 9pm

    I believe there was an OOC scheduling thread last spring/summer that proposed this exact recipe.