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  1. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    BOB performed a miracle at Penn St and resurrected a program in 1 year after the Joe Paterno scandal and resulting penalties. I think it's a great hire to get GT back to prominence.
  2. How Important is Recruiting?

    Recruiting is 50% of the equation. Coaching 30% Development 20% Winning the game comes down to beating the player across from you on a consistent basis. It's not rocket science, thou our fanbase tries to define it as such.
  3. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Why has there been no mention of this guy for HC? I know he coaches for the enemy, but he has no ties to the school other than coaching. My dream team Head Coach: Todd Monken Asst Head Coach/OC: Dell McGee DC: Your suggestions From Current Staff Asst Head Coach/OL: Key Co-DC/LB Coach...
  4. Option Football

    This exactly the point I was making about 3-4 pages back. Regardless of what "scheme" Chadwell runs, I have concerns that he and his staff can recruit to the levels to compete with Clemson and FSU.
  5. Option Football

    PROVEN P5 coaches that have recruited at a high level are qualified. There is no reason that GT cant recruit at the top of the ACC given the level of talent available in the metro area and surrounding states. By your logic, GT can never recruit better than average.
  6. Option Football

    I have watched Chadwell's offense several times including some video reviews of his scheme. He uses several concepts of the Flex option mixed with a solid passing game, unlike CPJs Flexbone run based system. My comment was "I have reservations about his recruiting ability" and if he can...
  7. Option Football

    I have significant reservations whether Chadwell can recruit to compete with Clemson and FSU. Negative recruiting will play a significant role as opposing coaches will utilize the "Triple Option" "High School Offense" No Path to the NFL" argument to sway recruits. The level of recruiting...
  8. How Important is Recruiting?

    Your reading comprehension needs some work. Recruiting the JIMMYS and JOES is the basis of any successful program. Without the JIMMYS and JOES, coaching and development at its highest level can not be successful for any length of time. Ask Clemson how they stay on top. (side note, Miami...
  9. Option Football

    We are pretty much in agreement. We can recruit with the top teams in our league. Not over night, but it can be built thru winning and providing a viable path to the NFL. But, based on my experience coaching baseball and soccer at the select level, It's hard to take a mid-level talented player...
  10. Option Football

    Your statement #3 is absolutely wrong. There is zero reason why GT can not recruit at the top of our league. Recruiting high 3* and 4* provides THE base to build a program. Without it, what do you have to build on? Recruiting is 1/3 of the triad to success. #4, The recruiting rankings are...
  11. Option Football

    Actually, negative recruiting has a major impact on GT recruiting today. Recruits are being told that GT will return to the 3O scheme and top rated recruits (OL, DL, QBs & WRs and TEs) want no part of it. It doesn't prepare one for an NFL career. Fans need to critically look at opposing teams...
  12. Gibbs has announced his commitment to bama

    I can summarize all these 4 paragraph dissertations in one sentence. "Next Man Up".
  13. GT hires Chip Long as new OC/QBs Coach

    How many of those you quoted are starters, effective players. None. Those are over quoted sizes and weights. This year's starters Lt 6-6 317 Rg. Walkon 6-2 300 listed (more like 6-1 285 or a fr 6-2 300 maybe) C. 6-2'300 same 6-1:285 Rg 6-3 305 played very poorly Rt 6-6 330 needs to lose...
  14. GT hires Chip Long as new OC/QBs Coach

    What does mentioning OL from the past have to do with the current roster? 1st and 2nd year recruits are not ready to block Jr/Sr players that have been in a strength and conditioning program for 4 to 5 years. It take size and skill and we don't have it yet. Why can't you understand that aspect...
  15. GT hires Chip Long as new OC/QBs Coach

    Agree 100%. 6-1 270lb OL recruited by the previous regime will never be able to effectively block 6-4 320lb DTs and 6-5 285lb DEs. It takes several recruiting cycles to recruit the size and develop OL needed to complete.
  16. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    He met with Kelly yesterday, he is in the portal today. And, his 5 ⭐ brother who is a TE decommited. Make your own assumptions. LSU has 2 excellent, starting QBs enter the portal in 2021. Kelly is not helping himself fr the start.
  17. GT hires Chip Long as new OC/QBs Coach

    I hope everyone realizes that Tulane missed almost month of practice due to Hurricane Ida shutting down the city of New Orleans.
  18. GT hires Chip Long as new OC/QBs Coach

    What "Fans"? We have the worst fan base in college football.
  19. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    I just re-read the NCAA portal rules and there is nothing about a free transfer. There is a waiver process for extenuating circumstances to become eligible to play and not sit out after transferring. I think there was a "free" transfer year for the COVID year. You would think the NCAA site is...
  20. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Simms will have to sit out a year if he enters thecportal. He is not a grad transfer.