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  1. Bracket Busting

    One of my pet theories about the ACC/GOR/Conference Realignment is that the real trigger point for things is when the ACC basketball schools realize they've fallen too far behind in the arms race. I think right now there's some walking zombies who don't know how much trouble they're in yet, and...
  2. The round of 64 starts today! What’s your favorite GT March Madness moment?

    I was in the arena in San Antonio for Bynum’s drive against OKST, so that one!
  3. Rule Changes

    Longer commercial breaks don't help us. Pretty much every game is on TV now, so it's at best zero-sum to add more commercials for GT: we get more TV revenue, everyone else does too, it's a wash-out. I think it's actually worse, though: ACC games don't get as many eyeballs as others = ACC games...
  4. Damon Stoudamire

    5'10" outside of sports would be plenty tall to not get a height penalty, respect-wise, but I honestly have no idea how tall the average ref or coach is. Seems like he's taller than Gregory and shorter than Pastner, per Google, but he's got the badass-looking factor going strong in that pic!
  5. Damon Stoudamire

    Appearance (height, attractiveness, body profile) makes a difference in people’s careers and influence all the time. It’s because of subconscious respect, not physical fear.
  6. Georgia Tech Head Coach Hot List

    Stupid newb money question - lotta talk about not being able to recruit in terms of paying players and NIL. What happened since Hewitt was bringing in high-4 and 5 stars? I’m assuming there was under the table stuff going on to keep up with the Joneses, how’d it dry up? Or was he just a...
  7. General News about Key and his Staff

    A high caliber coach - of the sort GT used to be able to attract - could’ve built up the talent level by now especially with the portal. That excuse is dead now. But the program was left behind in the money race - from various bad decisions many of which happened before Johnson - plus made a...
  8. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    So otherwise we’ve got, what? Standord Vanderbilt TCU Baylor Northwestern USC And looks like BYU is joining the Big 12. So that’s 7. But still, yeah, pretty lopsided.
  9. Rule Changes

    Let’s put in place limits on commercials, maybe that’ll trigger a renegotiation (downward) of those new SEC and B1G contracts since the broadcasts are less valuable now. Win win! In all seriousness I’m not against the proposed incomplete pass change because right now it’s a bit of an advantage...
  10. YIKES

    What did Anderson and especially Marbury (I’ve only seen good news about him in the past decade or so) do to be in that category?
  11. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    I wonder if TV money will continue going up, to the point that even a basketball-centric ACC could get bigger paydays in 2028ish than they do today with the football schools. I personally doubt it, since Bally's whole business plan was betting on "this line goes up forever" and they lost that...
  12. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    Grabbing a few PAC schools purely to open negotiations would be something, I guess. But what's left? Oregon has the whole Nike thing but are any of Oregon/Stanford/Cal/Washington bringing in that many more viewers per game than today's average ACC program? CFB just isn't the same on the west...
  13. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    I don't even think more schools have to be involved yet. They could just be testing the waters, seeing who agrees with them. 13 years is a long time if some parties to the agreement are already rumbling about it. That's why I dont' believe that nothing will happen until 2036. Yeah, that's what...
  14. Coaching Carousel 8 - Teamwork means never taking all the blame yourself

    Maybe naive question, but does it also make sense if you know your coach is likely to get poached to do this purely as a "get a bigger buyout when he leaves" move?
  15. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    I don’t think GT football survives the dominos falling in an FSU-less ACC without being one of the teams leaving.
  16. 2023 ACC News & Discussion Some interesting tidbits in there suggestive of a couple things: Possibly FSU wants uneven revenue sharing? Possibly thinking about how to challenge the GoR in court? Nothing about...
  17. Scarred of UGA

    I dunno, how many did Calvin Johnson have?
  18. If you had a wish list for AD JB what would it be?

    I’m not a Georgia resident but I would hope that most politicians response to “were spending a bunch of our money on an institution that is no longer serving the state as much as it used to, or could” wouldn’t be “lol screw off, go dawgs.” If hating GT was a major factor they could’ve been...
  19. If you had a wish list for AD JB what would it be?

    The heavily-managed insanity that is middle school/high school these days is maybe the only example of a "race to the bottom" that's also kinda a "race to the top." But with the same zero-sum ruin-it-for-everyone result that at the end, all the extra work everyone's doing compared to twenty...
  20. Random question. Why was the GT logo moved from midfield to the 35 yard line in the 2000's-early 2010's?

    Yeah I heard the same story but had the same question. Especially since a lot of returns go down the side of the field…?