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  1. 2022 Adidas Swag Watch

    The idea that I cannot go into the Georgia Tech bookstore today and purchase a fairly standard, official gold, adidas polo with the interlocking GT is asinine (or absurd as a poster states above). Some amount of a standard polos, t-shirts, sweatshirts & quarter-zips. It's something that should...
  2. What happened on Georgia Tech’s failed fake punt

    Generally speaking, and like everyone else, I didn't like the call. Too early and terrible field position. I suppose had it worked it wouldn't be so bad regardless of what happened after, but if somehow they convert and then end up scoring it looks like a genius call. There appeared to be...
  3. 1992: The best Tech - Georgia stunt ever

    I was there. Unfortunately, I sat in the middle of a buddy of mine's frat section. I did not hear a note the band played.
  4. Demaryius Thomas says he's Better than Calvin Johnson

    I think any elite NFL receiver worth his salt would tell you they are the best...nothing to see here
  5. CPJ Saturday practice notes

    LOL...they don't fit the typical stereotype......much. Non-grads (go figure), although one of their spouses is. Somewhat obnoxious, but not the worst by any means. Typical "SEC Bubble"-type fans though who know very little outside of that world. One told me (post FSU over BC) that Vandy...
  6. CPJ Saturday practice notes

    I remember that. Very nice work. If I recall, once they found out, they printed a stern "reprimand" type editorial letter. No doubt they were PO'd. My latest gripe with them, however minor it might be, is regarding a FB post they made once the "Big Four" local teams knew where they were...
  7. Another uniform thread ;)

    Jason always stirring things up
  8. Real Jabari news thread

    Steering this thread back off track: I started at Tech in 1991 and "got out" in 1997. While I was there, GPAs were listed to the tenths. 3.0 Dean's List each quarter. 3.2 Honor and 3.8 ( I think) was High Honor for graduates. Shortly after I left (maybe in the transition to semesters?)...