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  1. I have a question ( not about a Head Coach) but a question about next year on defense

    Don't we lose DE White too? Those three were our defense this year.
  2. #POSTGAME uga 37 - GT 14

    What surprised me the most is we were never manhandled. We looked to be their equal except for some mistakes and some big plays they hit. Our line protected pretty well and, except for some big plays, our D played them quite well. Given the difference in recruiting, records, rankings and about...
  3. Let's be honest when it was 17-0 what were you expecting

    At that point I wondered if 17 wasn't more than we could possibly score if given 8 quarters. Our TD before halftime changed everything for me. I still didn't think we would win, but I knew we had a shot.
  4. Jeff Sims - Not practicing with team - in rehab

    what is the status of the Clemson transfer?
  5. APP at Coastal tonight

    Wow! Lots to like here. Thanks!
  6. APP at Coastal tonight

    Forgive me for not following more closely, but is Caldwell the guy whose quarterback holds the ball longer than usual before making the decision on where to go with it?
  7. Jeff Sims Reset?

    Just saw a note from Ken saying he may not be healed enough to play Thursday. Bummer.
  8. Dish & Sling subscribers - Ouch!!

    This is good to know, slugboy. But this week we've got the goshawful Bally. I'm gonna try to find a stream again. I found one Saturday thanks to the help here, although I could get no sound and could never enlarge the screen.
  9. Dish & Sling subscribers - Ouch!!

    So is there a Plan B for tonight? Any sort of free stream or one of those 400 channels on Dish?
  10. Welp. UCF 27 - GT 10

    We had the better team today. We will win some games this year. We just played stupid and had some really bad breaks.
  11. The reports of the TO's death have been grossly exaggerated

    I agree with the OP. Would welcome Monken or another PJ disciple.
  12. It’s ugly, but I noticed some good things.

    It seemed to me one huge difference between the teams was team speed. I thought D Smith looked fast last year, but their backs made him look to be running in mud. I can't see any difference in the offense this year from last. It appears we are trying to run the same thing everyone else...
  13. It’s ugly, but I noticed some good things.

    No part of this game looked good. Not D, not O, not Special Teams. I can't believe they have corrected the punting problem.
  14. Defensive Stats after 2 games

    White is a better pass rusher than anyone we lost. It's nice for once to anticipate a transfer being a playmaker and it turns out he really is.
  15. WCU game

    Slug, it appears there is an app in Dish that will allow me to watch it on the TV. As of now the app on Dish will only show what is on today and tomorrow. But it looks promising. Other Dish people are encouraged to weigh in on this.
  16. WCU game

    Slugboy, how does know that my Dish package carries the ACC network?
  17. ACC Discussion 2022

    Everything about FSU looked different than in recent past years. There was energy, swagger, and smooth looking plays on offense. Both LInes looked better than in recent years. One thing I might have missed --- not much was made about this being the second game for the Noles and opener for...
  18. Week 1 #CLEMvsGT Media

    On Blackburn, that is awful. A few months, huh? I mean, the whole season is "a few months."
  19. Get ready for Clemson!

    What do we know about this sea lion's other picks? Maybe he has a system.
  20. Fall Camp News

    I hope White is the real deal. We have not had much of a rush end in a decade, and we lost some with promise to other schools. It has just killed us in recent years that we cannot hurry a quarterback without blitzing. And our blitzes tend to be picked up and don't make much difference.