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  1. ACC Tourney

    We were down roughly 10 early in 2nd half and I had to go do some things and assumed it wasn’t our day. Proud they hung in there and pulled it out. Fun team to watch now that our offense has opened up, better spacing and movement. Maybe one of our experts can explain the change - maybe it’s...
  2. GT @ Syracuse 2/28/23 GAME THREAD

    Unreal, fun to watch, different team.
  3. IF Pastner is fired, who would be a good hire to replace him?

    Money was always big, now with NIL it is huge and out in the open. I hear you about academics, but that is manageable - we’ve handled challenges in the past. Basketball is imo easier for academics than football because of smaller numbers. Plus you’re more likely to get that spectacular talent...
  4. 7 GT Football Players Named To ACC All-Academic Team

    I knew a guy who played, had a 3.8 in I think ChemE, got into med school after 3 years, of course moved on. Not a starter, but still…
  5. Dorms

    I’ve heard the Death March of Brittain is not so bad now, although my kid usually goes to N Ave dining and says it’s ok. You might recall the typical bathroom graffiti: be sure to flush twice?
  6. Dorms

    I was in Towers in ‘75, Glenn in ‘76. My daughter got my exact same corner room in Glenn her first semester at GT last year…what are the odds of that? Here’s my favorite dorm story: I was a senior hanging around talking to friends when a few first semester freshmen were talking next to us...
  7. EE/ECE Ranked #2

    Some cause for celebration…GT ECE now ranked #2 in the U.S. behind only MIT. Ahead of UCB, Stanford and Cal Tech (USNWR). I know we’ve been top 5-10ish a lot, but can’t remember being ranked quite this strong. Some Californians probably thinking WTH?
  8. GT Swarm - Competitive Drive Donation

    Wonder how many on here have season tickets? I donated, but felt like buying season tickets again was sort of a bigger thing, the money plus putting our butts in seats. I often get free tickets to various boxes through my network and donating on the academic side, so it was easy to skip...
  9. Clemson Game 12/21/2022 7:30 PM

    I was there - fun watching the PJ dude score at will under the basket. We mostly couldn’t shoot, some of that was good defense from Clemson. Missed FTs were frustrating. One goofy game or dance thing after another to try and keep us entertained. Scary to imagine attendance if this keeps up.
  10. Should New OC Faulkner work for uga in the CFP?

    Haven’t read the whole thread, so pardon redundancy - someone close to Faulkner told me he’s recruiting for GT now, but will coach uga games as well. Didn’t get into details of how he’s juggling both.
  11. Dontae!!!

    My bad, thought he had two years and was frustrated not getting carries.
  12. Dontae!!!

    I hope he’s staying because he’s excited about our new staff and imagining life in the near future as a GT alum. Hopefully not because he found out there are no 6 figure NIL deals out there for him (much less the 7 figure deals uga starters apparently get). Must be interesting coaching 18 year...
  13. Interesting Graphic On GT and College Fanbases

    No. The researchers were saying that part of the school affinity and fan adoption stems from having close family/friends who you can reasonably imagine going to the school - it’s part of the connection. Once a school becomes so selective that you start to give up on it as practically irrelevant...
  14. Interesting Graphic On GT and College Fanbases

    There is mention about how Stanford and UVA being academically unreachable to the general community impacts fan adoption of their sports programs. I think that is a factor for GT, although I know some will disagree. After your kids and most of your friends’ kids get turned down by a school...
  15. THWG: Ugag Game Thread

    I was flipping around nervously with sound down, afraid I’d bring bad luck. Finally locked in, turned up sound, we hit a 3, kept the lead for a close win. Gotta watch the replay now, easier knowing the outcome. Ok so we’re struggling, but a game like this is something you can build upon. To...
  16. THWG: Ugag Game Thread

    Hard to watch, but great finish.
  17. CFP - Who's in?

    I hear you and we can only hope. Ohio State has won once, getting by Bama to then have a relatively easy final game against Oregon. Other seven winners have been either in the SEC or Clemson, with the B1G participants most notably laying an egg (like Michigan last year). At least we don’t have...
  18. CFP - Who's in?

    Ohio State just finished having their *** kicked, on their home field, by a team (Michigan) that I don’t think can stay with uga. Maybe TCU steps up, or uga has a mental lapse. Hope I’m wrong and uga doesn’t just easily skate through the cfp.
  19. CFP - Who's in?

    I picked Bama as #4 based on close losses against top teams and (as near as I can tell without following them fanatically) they are back in better shape now injury-wise. But I would bet on Bama staying with uga more than the others. They are not the Bama of past/recent years of course. Imo...