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  1. Georgia Tech Head Coach Hot List

    Ron Hunter’s team isn’t looking very good tonight.
  2. Thanks Coach Pastner

    I guess when we fire someone we cut the cord quickly. I tried to send Josh an email and I got a delivery failure reply as "address rejected".
  3. Bradley Article

    I predict that J Batt will have an NIL in place by 4-1-23 to keep all players at home that we want to keep.
  4. Josh Pastner Contract

    I wonder which assistant was responsible for installing the new offense? He should stay, the other two should go.
  5. Jackets vs FIT - Game Thread

    Why no Deivon?
  6. Jackets vs FIT - Game Thread

    Per the AJC: It has been Pastner's belief that his teams, rather than resting during the open date in the ACC schedule, are better off playing a team to keep their rhythm. However, it is highly difficult to find another Division I opponent that has an open date in January or February that...
  7. When does Pastner feel heat

    How can you watch this team and say there is talent. There isn’t. However, Pastner preaches player development and we have fallen far short with this group. Danny Manning was on the bench today for UL. His salary as an assistant is $600,000. We need better assistants. Possibly a better coach too.
  8. Coaching Carousel 8 - Teamwork means never taking all the blame yourself

    Along the same vein, has Michael Cunningham ever written a positive article about Tech?
  9. When does Pastner feel heat

    The thing is, there is no way Pastner is fired until J has the NIL program defined and in place. Why would any decent coach be willing to come to Tech unless he knows what he can pay his players?
  10. What the...?

    Not really. It’s a sad day. Piling on doesn’t make it better or make anyone smarter than the rest of us.
  11. What the...?

    You guys are hilarious. We stunk it up. Yet all of a sudden everyone is an expert as to why we stunk it up. I don’t understand why everyone thinks their opinion is critical in these situations and that they’re providing some novel intel. This thread should be about half as long if there was a...
  12. IF Pastner is fired, who would be a good hire to replace him?

    Charlton Young Jonas Hayes Cliff Warren Darryl Labarrie
  13. Syracuse, Jan. 21st 2023, Pre And Post Game Commentary

    Basketball is a little more difficult to be gimmicky than football. But I agree that the high post Princeton isn’t for us with our current players. Our bench isn’t shorter than anyone else’s. Probably just the opposite. We have ten to play eight in any given game to try to match up with the...
  14. Syracuse, Jan. 21st 2023, Pre And Post Game Commentary

    To follow up on my comment, we got a bargain with Coach Pastner and with him as our coach, several memorable moments. He turned a rag tag team group of Gregory recruits into a fun to watch NIT team. Jose was a star from the moment he stepped on the court and will go down as one of our all time...
  15. When does Pastner feel heat

    The other question you should ask him when you hand him the phone is which assistant coaches should we call to help you be successful? He deserves the same support that Coach Key is getting on the football side.
  16. Notre Dame, 1/10 at ND Game

    It’s probably a stupid question but why can’t we coach our guys better on how to not get called for a foul? Are we coaching to be more aggressive and the results are fouls? I can’t blame the refs every game. How many times have we had fewer fouls than our opponent? Not many.
  17. UVA - 12/31

    I received my alumni magazine in today’s mail. There’s an article about Jose and the 20-21 season. Josh talks about retooling the offense after a couple of early season losses, so obviously it’s possible.
  18. When does Pastner feel heat

    This is a great post. It should be used to close this thread. If you want another coach, cough up $30 million. Otherwise, STFU and find a way to support CJP. He’s not perfect but no one is. He’s a nerd but he’s our nerd.
  19. When does Pastner feel heat

    Blue Cain (top100) might disagree that Pastner can’t recruit. Cyril picked us over Missouri, Northwestern, and Wisconsin. 4/5 star recruits cost NIL money. I’m disappointed with this year’s showing so far but blaming recruiting in today’s environment isn’t right. Scheme maybe. Assistant coaches...