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  1. RamblinCharger

    Are we sure Pastner is a good recruiter?

    I know that is supposed to be the guys strength, but doesn't he come off as a little odd? I work with a woman that is a friend of mine, and she has a son that is a high 4 star recruit for 2019, but he might be reclassifying to 2018. For months I've been telling her that he needs to go to GT...
  2. RamblinCharger

    UVA vs. Navy

    Virginia is playing navy in the Military bowl today. I was curious to see how Navy stacked up against a team we struggled to run the ball on. Surprisingly Navy is running the ball all over them so far. Are we not more talented than Navy? If not, that is a problem.
  3. RamblinCharger

    Ted Roof's job

    I'm sick of watching this crap. Especially watching us get eaten alive by teams that don't even out recruit us. It's ridiculous. He's never been a good defensive coordinator. Awful hire by Paul and I've hated it from the beginning. We score 34 and limit possessions and we lose? Come on.
  4. RamblinCharger

    Drinks into BDS?

    I wasn't sure where to post this, and some of you may think this is a bit inappropriate or stupid of me to ask, but I haven't been to a game this year and wanted to know if anything had changed regarding sneaking alcohol into the game? I usually just put a couple of minis in my pocket with no...
  5. RamblinCharger

    Guys played hard, but were coached poorly again this week.

    We came out ready to play. We were up 21-0, but then Paul made a lot of bizarre calls near the half and I knew if they got the ball they would score and make it 21-14. If we run the ball there we go into the half 21-7. Then Paul gets really stubborn again, as usual, when we had the ball on the 1...
  6. RamblinCharger

    Great Bowl season

    This has been a great Bowl Season. Georgia Tech winning was the sweetest part of course, but watching multiple SEC teams go down has really capped it all off. I wish FSU could have played a decent game today but I think the tides are turning in college football. This has been an unreal ride this...
  7. RamblinCharger

    Let's get ready for FSU

    Alright fellas, the UGA win was one of the best of my entire life, but at least for a week we need to start getting our minds right to beat the criminoles. After we put jameis on his back 100 times and we run for 500 yards then we can go back to celebrating the UGA win, which I will be happy to...
  8. RamblinCharger

    GT NFL Draft 2014

    I have been looking into where our guys may get drafted next year. Ranked accordingly: Attouchu: 8th best DE projected for 3rd round Thomas: 8th best safety Projected for 5-6 round Sims: 12-15 at FB Projected for free agency Dieke: 20-30 at DE projected for 7th round I'm Wondering where...