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  1. Ggee87

    Not GT related

    I just read where Mark Richt was added to the new College football oversight committee. Also he was the only current coach selected. I hate UGAg to the fullest, but I respect the hell out of Mark Richt the human being. What are yalls thoughts on this?
  2. Ggee87

    All star games

    When do any of our players play in any of these types of games? East-West shrine games and the such. I appreciate anybody who can get me this info.
  3. Ggee87

    Can you spot yourself? Found this earlier ...thought it would be cool to share. Post a picture of yourself in this real life Wheres Waldo.
  4. Ggee87


    I really hate to even have to bring this topic up. But after watching the Clempsun .VS. UGAg game on Saturday, I am getting a little worried. It could either mean Clemson isnt very good OR UGag has finally got it together. I saw a team that went 5 deep at RB with not alot of drop off. They didnt...
  5. Ggee87


    When is fan day this year?
  6. Ggee87

    Godhigh to Falcons?

    I read on here that Godhigh was a UDFA pickup with the Falcons. The AJC released a list of 20 UDFA they added and Robbie wasnt on the list. Whats the deal surrounding that?
  7. Ggee87

    Favor needed

    I have a small business in the metro atlanta area. We do concrete cutting on slabs and core drilling. Business has slowed down recently and were trying to find new business to keep us afloat. I was wondering if anybody on this website works for a contractor or is a contractor and has a need for...
  8. Ggee87

    March Madness

    I really wasnt sure where to put this thread but I figure a moderator can move it if its in the wrong place. Just a place to discuss one of the best days in sports. The round of 64 begins today. Who you got cutting down the nets in the end? Im going to go with Florida, but I really like OK State...
  9. Ggee87

    ACC Bureaucracy???

    Im not here to blame the refs for this loss to Clemson. But watching all the no calls for us and all the ticky tack fouls against us, It got me thinking about something. Is there some sort of unspoken respect that has to be earned by the Head coaches before the refs will start taking their...
  10. Ggee87

    GT .vs. VT

    2PM on ESPN2 I believe. Should be a very winnable game. VT isnt the same team without Greenburg. Maybe we can blow them out and gain confidence going into the ACCT. One can wish I suppose. Go Jackets!
  11. Ggee87

    GT .vs. Clemson

    Is anybody awake yet? Theres a ballgame starting. Very winnable game for the Jackets. Gotta play for 40 minutes though. Lets see how our guys fight for this one.
  12. Ggee87

    GT .vs. BC @ 5:00pm today

    BC comes to McCamish for a rematch against our Jackets. Not sure about Goldens availabilty for the game, but we will need him to put pressure on their zone. I hope MGH got some rest because hes going to need to be a force on D. I think if we can hit a few shots early and open up the paint for...
  13. Ggee87

    GT .VS. UVA

    Since im up pretty early and we have a noon game I figured that I would start a thread b4 we get to tipoff. UVA will be a tough opponent but hopefully we csn get something going early and take it to them. Go Jackets!
  14. Ggee87

    [email protected]

    Down Jason Morris today, I have a feeling Q is going to have a big game for us. Miller is gonna have a tough assignment on D so were going to need scoring from elsewhere. Hope we can grab another road win. Go Jackets!
  15. Ggee87

    GT Marketing/public image

    I commented on this in another thread. But why don't we use former athletes to help market our program? I bet half of the people watching the NFL games have no clue that Calvin Johnson and Bey-Bey played for GT. Also we have big time NBA players that we could go to for support. Bobinski should...