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  1. bat_082994

    Film Room: Offense vs. Temple

    Plays you analyzed: 1stQ 2:04 3rdQ 9:09 1stQ 12:16* 1stQ 3:45* 1stQ 7:50 3rdQ 10:51 3rdQ 10:33 3rdQ 10:004 Plays Andrew analyzed: 1stQ 12:16* 3rdQ 13:56 1stQ 3:45* 3rdQ 14:27 But you analyzed all four plays...might be some similar play types that you covered, but different plays all together.
  2. bat_082994

    Film Room: Offense vs. Temple

    People being falsely accused also get "EXTREMELY" defensive. And I couldn't care less that Sed is a former player. He could be my brother, but if he's going to call out one of my writers for plagiarism (falsely, I might add), yeah, I'm going to come to his defense.
  3. bat_082994

    Film Room: Offense vs. Temple

    Sorry for exaggerating? Forgot it's the Internet and people take everything literally. I'm not going to apologize for coming to the defense of my writers. I know Andrew worked his *** off to put his article out, and to have some random former player call him out for "plagiarizing" when the only...
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    Film Room: Offense vs. Temple

    Andrew puts a lot of leg work into what he does. Feel free to contact him directly for his detailed notes. When we brought him on, for his writing preview, he sent me the most detailed game notes I had ever seen. But you know, you definitely did all the work here
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    Film Room: Offense vs. Temple

    I'm perfectly happy with my film staff :)
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    Film Room: Offense vs. Temple

    I think the whole thing is silly. He didn't plagiarize anyone! Andrew and Sed reviewed two of the same plays and offered their own analysis
  7. bat_082994

    Film Room: Offense vs. Temple

    So reviewing the same information and coming to the same conclusion about the information is plagiarism? Okay... Reviewing the same plays isn't a crime. Also don't mind the fact that he offers different and fuller analysis of the same plays
  8. bat_082994

    Film Room: Offense vs. Temple

    hmm..... nice cherrypicking though
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    Lynn Griffin

    CPJ confirmed in radio pre-game just now that Lynn Griffin has been working with the A-backs this week
  10. bat_082994

    Quaide moves to AB

    Don't think so
  11. bat_082994

    After CPJ...

    I'd prefer Jeff Monken
  12. bat_082994

    Alcorn State Prediction Thread

    42-6, Tech
  13. bat_082994

    Updated Roster

    I also like that Antonio Simmons is up to 235 and AJ Gray at 212
  14. bat_082994

    Isaiah Willis?

    That's what I was thinking too
  15. bat_082994

    What was your Muhammad Ali Moment?

    James Conner fumble in the first game after UNC. IMO really turned our season around
  16. bat_082994

    Preseason All-ACC Team

    At the same time, though, journalists -- even if they haven't played a sport in their lifetime -- aren't totally clueless about the sports they're covering
  17. bat_082994

    "Updated Tech Roster Includes Swapped Jersey Numbers"

    That shouldn't matter since players not on the same side of the ball can share numbers, like Zach Allen and Quaide Weimerskirch sharing 21
  18. bat_082994

    Blake Jackson Gone

    That could stand for "infielder"
  19. bat_082994

    Happy Father's day!

    If he's running a 4.3, can we try him out at B-back first?
  20. bat_082994

    Kaela Davis

    Maybe she wants to get a master's degree in something Tech offer. Or perhaps she thinks that transferring somewhere else gives her a better shot at the WNBA. Regardless, she will be missed.