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  1. connell62

    GT Hoops General Topics

    Damn Kenny, why???? :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm::facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:
  2. connell62

    GT Hoops General Topics

    Travis is my dude...he and I went to high-school together. Talk about ballers!!! Whew, that dude could hoop!
  3. connell62

    Swarm Makeover

    Forgive me if another thread was already posted, but I didn't see anything addressing the new look and feel. Nice job.. It looks good.
  4. connell62

    GT Hoops General Topics

    Missed did he fare? Are they still in it?
  5. connell62

    GT Hoops General Topics

    So you’re saying you have no motor?
  6. connell62

    GT Hoops General Topics

    Gotta lose them colors though!
  7. connell62

    Favorite Pastner-isms

    The Open Man is the Go To Man!
  8. connell62

    More on the mid-season offensive philosophy change

    Good read...took a lot of balls to make that decision mid-season.
  9. connell62

    PG Kyle Sturdivant Transfers to GT

    I kinda look at it look at it like when a customer goes through an RFP process and chooses the option with all the bells and whistles but little performance. They ignored the product/service with value, with whom they had built a strong rapport in the beginning, to only be let down. They get...
  10. connell62

    The Scheme (HBO)

    Funny that you mention that.. The directors point that out.. "We've got your playbook"! Yeah, they had it and all the evidence they needed and didn't do ****.
  11. connell62

    The Scheme (HBO)

    My thoughts exactly..What worse though - Spoiler Alert - the dude is on tape telling them that he didn't want to do it, that it didn't make sense. So he took their money and "supposedly" put it back into the business that the FBI funded for him. Plus, the FBI was doing shady **** and wouldn't...
  12. connell62

    The Scheme (HBO)

    Has anyone watched the documentary on HBO Sports regarding the Christian Dawkins /college basketball scandal? I thought it was rather entertaining. It feels like this kid got a raw deal. I'll be careful what I say as I don't want to spoil it for anyone that hasn't watched, but if that case...
  13. connell62

    Arrests coming due to college bball kickbacks

    My Top 3 Wishlist for NCAA Comeuppance: 1. Will Wade - **** this whiny cheater. Cheats and still cannot win enough. Based his actions with LSU and the NCAA, he thinks he’s a tough guy. Hope he ends up with a lifetime show clause. 2. Bill Self - Cheated for a long, long time and as smug as...
  14. connell62

    Kristian Sjolund to Transfer

    What makes you think that is the case? He said that about Cole but he didn’t say anything of the sort with Price or Sjolund. If you’ll bump the brakes for a minute, it’s pretty clear what is happening here. This is an opportunity, not a setback.
  15. connell62

    David Didenko to transfer?

    No, I could care less either way. I’m referring to the rumors floated by KQ over on the Rivals board. It’s also in one of his tweets announcing one of today’s transfers. ETA: dtm mentioned in the recruiting thread. Significant Major Transfers coming in?? Clickbait or has he heard real names.
  16. connell62

    David Didenko to transfer?

    This hasn’t occurred right? Not seeing where DD has entered the portal. Only Sjolund and Price so far. Hope the rumors I’m hearing are true!
  17. connell62

    2020 ACC Tourney Thread

    That is a pretty good analogy and definitely funny! I've seen people throw around terms like "historically" bad or worst in our generation, and while that is hard to compare, I don't think that it is true. Sure the conference is down in comparison to past years, but I would put the middle of...
  18. connell62

    2020 ACC Tourney Thread

    Hate to say it, but they’re about to go on a run! I’d rather than win it than Duke.
  19. connell62

    Thanks for a great season of MBB!

    I put this clown on ignore months ago. Do yourself a favor and do the same. He's clueless and only comes on here to flame. Best conference in record in 17 years and this is what he post...LOL
  20. connell62

    Evan Cole to Transfer

    He was one that I thought we might see in the portal, but he is also one I was hoping we wouldn't see there. Assuming he is gone, that makes landing an immediately eligible transfer even more important. Evan was going to be a major piece for us next season. @ChasonBaller - any chance we see...