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  1. RamblinCharger

    Week 3 #GTvsCUSE Predictions

    Unfortunately we don't know how to score consistently yet, but our offense has moved the ball really well. I think we will punch it in a few more times this week and the defense should play better this week as well. I expect a better game from us, hopefully winning the turnover battle. Good Guys...
  2. RamblinCharger

    Turnovers and Special Teams

    Well that was a frustrating game to say the least. Watching that game I felt we were just as talented as them and had a chance to win until the 4th. We don't have the bodies at DT and our QB made too many freshman mistakes. We could have been up 21-7 to start the game if we capitalized in the...
  3. RamblinCharger

    Week 2 #UCFvsGT Predictions

    I picked us to win a close game last week, so I will do the same this week. UCF is better than FSU though. If Pitt of last year can beat them, I think we have a shot this year. GT 27 - UCF 24
  4. RamblinCharger

    GT vs FSU Uniform Reveal

    Am I getting confused or does it appear that they fixed the stupid font that we used last year? Maybe not, it’s just a 1, so hard to tell
  5. RamblinCharger

    Week 1 #GTvsFSU Predictions

    GT 23 - FSU 20
  6. RamblinCharger

    What's missing?

    What’s missing is scoring on the wing and pace of play. We are slow and we don’t get easy buckets. Need a wing player than can shoot other than Devoe and we need to push the pace a lot more often and let 3 pointers fly to open up the floor. I’d like to play a lot more like Alabama is playing now...
  7. RamblinCharger

    Now time for VT - Who is more desperate?

    I'd agrue that we are playing on pace in ACC play with what many expected. Pastner seems to have an issue getting the guys ready to play in November though. Losing both games to Arkansas and Georgia killed our post season, and then the loss to Ball State was just inexcusable. Win 2 of those 3...
  8. RamblinCharger

    Path to the NCAA Tournament.

    We aren't very good. It's not happening. We don't move fast enough on offense and the defense seems to have taken a step back. You can't lose to Ball St, UGA, and ARK and expect to make the tourney. Win 2 of those 3 and we would still have an outside shot, but Josh doesn't prepare his guys well...
  9. RamblinCharger

    Game Thread - @ UNC, 1/4/2020

    Great win. Fun to see the offense move around a little more. Not going to say anything else that could be negative about shoulda coulda woulda games from earlier in the season. Hope the team continues to improve.
  10. RamblinCharger

    Ball State game.

    Yep season killer for sure. At this point we need to see Pastner fire everyone on staff in the offseason (minus Reveno I guess), and hope that makes a difference next year. Don't think Josh is going anywhere unless someone donates 10 mil to get rid of him.
  11. RamblinCharger

    Ball State game.

    This isn't the players fault. We have a collection of talent on this team that includes 4 or 5 "4 star" guys, and the rest are pretty much 3 star guys. That should beat Ball State with a brand new coach game 1, let alone one that has been here for 4 years. I guess we just wait it out at this...
  12. RamblinCharger

    Team overall ceiling

    If recruiting, outside of getting Devoe, was solid in the 18 and 19 classes we would be a solid team with a real chance to win 20-22 games. Unfortunately, it was pretty bad, so we have no real depth and our guard play isn't very good. Josh also sucks at coaching offense, but I think offense in...
  13. RamblinCharger

    Catch Ya'll Later

    These goodbye posts are pretty soft too. *tried to insert funny gif, which didn't work* In all seriousness, a lot of butt hurt lately, largely understood because of the way things have been going on the field and on the court, but we all could take a step back a remember that these are games...
  14. RamblinCharger

    Jose out until 12/31

    7 or possibly 8 games without him. We need to go 5-2 in those games. If so we would be 8-4 (9-4 or 8-5 is also possible depending on the tournament) going into ACC play. Not a great record OOC if we want any shot at post season play. We would need to go 11-9 or 12-8 in ACC play, which would be...
  15. RamblinCharger


    Really needed to win 1 of 2 against ARK or UGA. This was a tough one to watch us lose. Need to finish OOC without losing more than 2 games and would then need to win 10 or maybe 11 in ACC play to give ourselves a chance at the bubble. Asking a lot at this point already, and that is assuming we...
  16. RamblinCharger

    Game Thread - @ UGA, 11/20/2019

    Crappy loss, but I thought we expected to lose this game coming in? Can’t lose more than 3 in OOC most likely if we’re going to lose 8-9 in conference play. Jose wasn’t healthy clearly. If he is, and plays 28 minutes vs 16 we win. We should improve and I expect this to be a pretty good team.
  17. RamblinCharger

    Game Thread - Elon, 11/11/2019

    Can’t take much from this other than we just can’t shoot very well and it doesn’t seem to matter who we play. Scored a bunch in transition and in the paint against NCST and we still couldn’t shoot tonight. Gonna be an issue getting over the 15-17 win hump we’ve been stuck in without someone...
  18. RamblinCharger

    Pitt kickoff at 4p (RSN)

    I would like to know this as well. I'm driving over to Atlanta to see a friend (an auburn fan) and I'm dragging him to the game with me. Would love to meet some swarmers and show him a good time.
  19. RamblinCharger

    Exhibition Game vs Alabama

    Alabama has a lot of talent and finally got a coach that can coach after years of Godfried and Avery Johnson. They will be dancing.
  20. RamblinCharger

    Expectations on this year and next

    To win 7 games next year we will need 2 solid OL and DT transfers. 75% of our personnel issues are in the trenches. I think Graham has a chance to be a really good college QB, and we have some quality skill players, and a solid secondary. I think we will pullout 1 more win this year, maybe 2 if...