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  1. 33jacket

    Acumen of Members/Posters Present, Future, Past

    sorry but somehow this board is getting off the rails. Figured I would add to it
  2. 33jacket

    Gents. Two ticks for homecoming available

    I have my member guest tourney at my club. 123. Under overhang. On aisle. Prime seats. Let me know 2 seats. Face value.
  3. 33jacket

    Chick-fil-A Kickoff Postgame Discussion

    Love going for 2. But good lord. No words. We dominated that fin team
  4. 33jacket

    Charting the GT D in 2016 for chunk plays.

    Ok, There has been alot of debate on this board about the GT D. When do we get burned. Why. What coverages etc. So I am going to chart the GT D for every chunk play (10 plus yards). If I happen to stumble across a big 3rd down conversion on my way to doing just chunk plays I will. The point of...
  5. 33jacket

    Post video clips here please

    Not that i have any. But would be nice for a media thread
  6. 33jacket

    Our Posters are Awesome

    Minimal memes Minimal attitude Minimal mental mistakes Every fits well Lots of good insight and discussion
  7. 33jacket

    I missed this? Hunt status?

    off the team for weed? anyone else hear this or was that a bad rumor so we lose 2 of our top 3 DT in one week if true. LOL season is a nightmare.
  8. 33jacket

    Paul Johnson....looks ahead too...We gonna run the table out

    message to the team...improve get better, we gonna run the table out.... no fan should hold back looking ahead. Ever...hell the coach does :) Fun video. I know its a lockeroom haters hold back
  9. 33jacket

    Is this right? GT has had the most WR drafted since 2009 in the ACC?

    tied with Clemson and Miami at 4??? Florida State has 3 Not bad for a run oriented option team... If this is the case...need it to be WELL known so the negative recruiting stops. Can someone look at this and do a sanity check for me...maybe I am wrong...
  10. 33jacket

    damn, we had em.....of 10 we win 5 they win 5

    guys, i see things.....GT was every bit as good as FSU. Not like 2 quarters good. Every bit their equal. it was 31-28. we had the ball. We win. we missed our chance.....twice.....that doesn't happen in a series i am so proud of this staff and team. we think we have a bunch of 3 star guys...
  11. 33jacket

    Need Gaudin clips please. Post here

    He is becoming a fave for me.
  12. 33jacket

    A reminder

    -14.5 just saying
  13. 33jacket

    Tighter Coverage alignment to LOS, Gamble at DE, more multiple presnap look...

    good blitz variation finally see a defensive scheme we have been asking for, for weeks, along with the RIGHT DL personnel that I personally have been begging to see since summer. Bottom line. Big Props to CPJ for stepping in and influencing the D. Semi-Props to Roof for listening and rallying...
  14. 33jacket

    Please for sanity, change your starting DL. PLEASE

    Gotsis Green Gamble Freeman passing downs in 3man look Simmons/Chungkong Gotsis Freeman Blitz one LB passing in 4man look simmons chungkong goes inside 3tech gotsis 1tech freeman Please for the love of god and the health of my scotch bottle. JUST TRY THIS. Yes, I get the fact that gamble...
  15. 33jacket

    Serious Question RE: Wide Reciever

    so I hear announcers calling guys split out in the x and z wide receivers. But I notice in our offense that usually the X has single digit catches and blocks more than anything else. So does that make him a TE? Or a OT? should we dispell the rumors that we have WR and just recruit more OT and...
  16. 33jacket

    The best part for me....we had loud obnoxious Miami fans near us...more

    proud to cheer for their guy bodyslamming our punter than seeing really what was taking place on the field. about 30 of these obnoxious sons of bitches left the game with over 7 minutes left, because they knew there was no hope against our offense. It was freaking great. to see the silence and...
  17. 33jacket

    rumor is we have had some pretty salty practices

    I wish i had better and more detail, but I was told that the team was practicing really well the last few days, alot of emotion/focus. FYI I hope it translates Saturday....We will see. But in my experience how you practice leading up to a game often, most times, shows up that weekend
  18. 33jacket

    Just Sayin....4-0

    u can tell this team wants to be here...