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  1. Butker 58 yds for the win

    He kinda did. Waller was often the close reciever and we did a lot more close formations with him and tackle over.
  2. Jaylend Ratliffe Article

    We didn't drop his actual scholarship, giving him every opportunity to come back, he was even somehow cleared by the non GT medical staff. It is very possible a school would easily have just said "you have a medical if you come here" and hope it looked like the kids decision.
  3. Jaylend Ratliffe Article

    Ratliffe is one of CPJ's biggest success stories I feel. Kid literally went to school to learn coaching and get a degree. Most coaches might have dropped the scholarship after the injury especially at SEC schools. Honestly I can't remember an SEC team doing something like this.
  4. The Late Kick showing GT some love...again.

    Johnson was looking at hiring an actual Spread guy after bohannon left to take advantage of Vad. He wasn't given any money to do so. So he foudn the guy out at cal poly who had created a version of the option out of what he called the ski-gun. Which was a pistol flex scheme and thought maybe we...
  5. The Late Kick showing GT some love...again.

    Cook wasn't forced on johnson cook was what johnson could hire when the money wasn't there. Groh was his hire but it was because on paper it should have been a good one Groh had won a damn superbowl and was an x's and os genius and more importantly we could get him on the cheap as UVA was paying...
  6. The Late Kick showing GT some love...again.

    With some of those it was the players not going to class.
  7. The Late Kick showing GT some love...again.

    You remember all those academic waivers that led to flunkgate?
  8. The Late Kick showing GT some love...again.

    Oh we tried. We tried hard.
  9. This could be just Crazy

    I honestly feel if we do really well this year.... UGA may use the gap in play as an excuse to attempt to no longer have to play that game.
  10. Week 2 #UCFvsGT Predictions

    I am not sure their D line is better than FSU.
  11. This could be just Crazy

    Jake was screwed no matter what. He had no nfl quality deep ball.
  12. This could be just Crazy

    Yes that is a risk, but truthfully if that is going to happen they typically would be exposed a the combine anyway.
  13. This could be just Crazy

    That isn't exactly true. Sometimes they will stay for the degree, sometimes they will stay to attempt a NC. And sometimes its nto a great year for QBs to come out and they might go higher the next year for more money.
  14. Bottom 25

    Southern won their game down 33 players due to contact tracing (mind you not 33 positive cases... actually it seems no positive cases on the football team but someone in a dining hall tested positive) and still got ranked in there which is silly because FBS or not down 33 scholarships and 10...
  15. The Late Kick showing GT some love...again.

    Can't really count GASO because compared to his peers at that level of football GaSO was alabama with resources. They had near the top salaries for assistants. a recruiting staff. easy majors to hide players in (hell the only reason the real AP was at southern was because the school was equipped...
  16. The Late Kick showing GT some love...again.

    The big difference so far between Collins and Johnson is Collins has been given everything he can be given to succeed. Because Stansbury knows it takes money and AD support. Johnson's tenure started with being hamstrung at the DC position. And then it was a tooth and nail fight for funding for...
  17. Pat McAfee Show Georgia Tech

    Does that go in as a zero yard pr for a TD?
  18. Starting QB speculation

    I was more making a point that short quarterbacks don't have issues throwing over tall lines its just about creating throwing lanes.
  19. Starting QB speculation

    Giant o-line didn't affect russell wilson or kyler murray or doug flutie... or drew brees....
  20. Starting QB speculation

    I think we will be reading about Graham making a move to wideout 4 games in and being the ultimate team player