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  1. Towaliga

    Has anyone heard about season ticket renewals yet?

    Tell me where to stop by and I’ll be sure to!!
  2. Towaliga

    Have you ever randomly met any GT athletes/coaches?

    I stopped at a food truck on the side of the road near Westminster SC and there was a guy wearing a GT shirt. I asked “ what’s the good word?” and he gave the proper response. We talked a little bit then I asked him if anyone ever told him he looked like Ted Roof, and he replied “ I hope so. I...
  3. Towaliga

    Has anyone heard about season ticket renewals yet?

    At my age, there’s a good chance the first and/or third will apply on any given game day, and my wife would argue that the fourth already applies, so unless it’s #2, I should be there.
  4. Towaliga

    Key’s Staff

    I hear TFG is still available. (I KID, I KID!! Coachless might have been a better option.)
  5. Towaliga

    Portal Watch 2022-23

    He’d be at 2659 if TFG had been good enough to get us to bowl games the last 4 years. However, if he had done that, he would be our coach next year, and that thought made me shudder.
  6. Towaliga

    Portal Watch 2022-23

    Some things you need to know: **** Lew** = A coach we had previously whose name you’re not allowed to mention. TFG= Our most recent coach before CBK, and you also aren’t allowed to mention his name. Whatever shade of gold you like is the wrong shade of gold. You can never, ever like blue...
  7. Towaliga

    Is this our best coaching staff of all time?

    If anyone needs help with that, I’m sure Stech can give some pointers. (One of my goals for the upcoming season is to actually meet him at a tailgate to see if he looks/acts like what I have pictured in my mind)
  8. Towaliga

    Today’s the day for Paul Johnson and Ralph Friedgen

    I hate to admit it, but I laughed out loud at that. (for the record, I don’t condone violence against anyone, no matter how badly they screwed up a program).
  9. Towaliga

    Gotsis trying to help the Jags make the playoffs tonight.

    I also remember Stoops standing about 10 yards on the field yelling at the Tech sideline after one of their players went down (claiming it was one of our infamous “chop” blocks that, like many others, replay showed it was just a clean, hard hit). As he was yelling, CPJ turned and started...
  10. Towaliga

    Should New OC Faulkner work for uga in the CFP?

    You beat me to the punch. I would be interested in what 33 has observed with regards to how and where our recruiting has suffered. He may know of something I’m not aware of.
  11. Towaliga

    So far, so good ??

    We get it from 125 of your previous posts. You didn’t/don’t like CPJ. You can give it a rest now.
  12. Towaliga

    Portal Watch 2022-23

    Nah, it couldn't be Clemson. Dabo said he would quit coaching as soon as student athletes started getting paid.
  13. Towaliga

    Key’s Staff

    I stole Stech81’s identity and immediately started getting solicitations from AA, beer of the month clubs, and The American Association of Hen Pecked Husbands.
  14. Towaliga

    Key’s Staff

    Root4GT asked that, since you’re not enamored with the hiring of Buster, to name a coach that likely would come to GT. Your reply is to name someone that you admit you don’t know if they have any interest in Tech 🫤
  15. Towaliga

    Key’s Staff

    Just speculation on my part, but it wouldn’t surprise me to find out P’nut wanted to try something like this but TF(1F)G absolutely forbade it from happening because it would involve admitting some parts of an option offense might work and the transition wouldn’t have been as historical.
  16. Towaliga

    Key’s Staff

    The funny thing about Monken is that most of the dwag fans I know were complaining about him his first 1 or 2 years at u(sic)ga, saying he wasn't a good coordinator. I guess that shows what Augusta Jacket was saying earlier in this post about how you can't always judge an OC after just 1 year.
  17. Towaliga

    Key’s Staff

    I'm agreeing with you. Just adding some levity to the post (and I didn't use any F's)
  18. Towaliga

    Key’s Staff

    aaa aa aa Chip Long says hi. :ROFLMAO:
  19. Towaliga

    GT Swarm - Competitive Drive Donation

    Made a donation the day after CBK was announced. Since I’m not a GT grad (I’m a member of the TDTGIT club) I couldn’t make a large donation, but I’m sure there are some grads that can make up for it.😁
  20. Towaliga

    Garrett Riley . . .

    Stech, my wife is from Texas so you now have 2 wives mad at you.