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  1. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster) This ILB, Branden Jennings, went to HS with Jeff Sims and is a class younger (2021). Just entered the portal from Maryland. Pretty highly rated. Not saying there is any smoke here. We sure could use someone like him though.
  2. Staff Changes

    I like Coleman but Not sure he should be safe too. Most sacks by a player (Charlie Thomas) on defense was 3… and 2.5 came in one game against unc.
  3. Staff Changes

    Good. Next is linebackers coach (Thacker) and one of o-line or offensive coordinator. Good hires in all of these spots would do wonders for our team.
  4. Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    Lol. A freshman TE scored a 77yd td on 5 defensive backs
  5. OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    Bet Mullen ends up at a school that recruits for itself i.e. Texas or USC... UF has so much competition for in state talent.
  6. Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    GT fan since 2008 when I was a freshman at Tech. We were always competitive and won a lot of games. Paul retired because he wasn't getting the support that other ACC coaches did from their AD and schools in dollars and facilities. It is an arms race. I hate that Geoff got more support then...
  7. OK, Let's play "You're the AD" of a P5 team.

    The key here is create more revenue. No Brainers: Sell Booze at Athletic Events More concerts / Special Events at Bobby Dodd Establish IPTY like program (Clemson Alumni giving program) Extra focus on sales to Atlanta corporate workforce. We need to become the 2nd home to fans of other college...
  8. OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    Hypothetically if Dan Mullen is fired... Do you think he'd have any interest in running our offense for 2 or 3 years? He has an existing relationship with Geoff Collins going back to MSST days. Geoff could promise him full autonomy. (Obviously GT would have to pony up for a serious offensive...
  9. OK, #BCvsGT Postgame. BC wins 41-30

    Kennesaw state have any good assistant coaches? They are 9-1. Maybe hire a Grayson/ buford/ Hoover coach to be a coordinator?
  10. GT vs Clemson Final Stats/Participation Report

    Where is Antonneous Clayton? Hurt or something?
  11. Game 2 #KSUvsGT Predictions

    31 to 24. GT Wins. 3O proves to still be deadly. Hope to get a lot more TFLs
  12. Name a “under the radar player” for this season

    100% Brent Cimaglia (the PK transfer from UT). 88/89in extra points. Career 46/62 FG and 4/6 from 50+.
  13. Ross Statue

    3 winning seasons? A GT record of 31–26–1 doesn't do it for me...
  14. ACC Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes for 2021

    The recruiting comment sounds (to me) like it came from UNC. Who else in the league has won multiple recruiting battles with us lately? Would give them that type of attitude... I like the players we have, but of course I agree we could have more depth on the line... Most teams could.
  15. Article for consideration

    Clemson leads the pack of participation and has a famous giving program that I wish we would try and clone - IPTAY (I pay ten a year). It started back when $10 was a lot (1930s). Basically it's a way to encourage frequent & scheduled small gifts.
  16. Spring Training 2021

    9 is a mean number (Nesbitt).
  17. Potential NFL players discussion

    I'll add Jordan Mason (RS JR) and Tariq Carpenter (SR). I believe both had injuries last year, but have good potential.
  18. Games you most want to win

    UGA Coastal Teams: VT Miami, Duke, UVA, UNC, Pitt all equal Remaining ACC Teams: Clemson NC State Out of Conference Teams: Temple USF, Citadel all equal
  19. Paul Johnson visiting the Ravens today

    Makes a ton of sense for the Ravens. Run dominate offense. Would love to see a reverse pitch or b-back follow on the goal line or 4th down in the NFL.
  20. Coach Thacker just turned down the Oregeon DC Job.

    Both Kelly Quinlan and Tori Mcelhaney (the athletic) are UGA grads...