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  1. noodles

    New BS of Music Technology Major at GT!

    Music Technology was one of my favorite classes at Tech! Can't beat making beats in class!
  2. noodles

    Really good after practice report today

    I was back at Tech doing some recruiting. One of the students mentioned a school class/project with plans on using activity tracking devices with the cross country team. There is no reason why we can't do it with the football team as well.
  3. noodles

    JeT a step slower in recent timed run..

    He was just a hair short...
  4. noodles

    Latest bowl projections - Us vs. Missy State, Ole Miss, Mich St. or Wisconsin?

    I would love to see us play Sparty. They are my other team. I grew up on MSU campus and currently live in Michigan
  5. noodles

    Why are UGA fans so obnoxious?

    That's what UGA diplomas are for.