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  1. GTHomer

    Portal Watch 2022-23

    Good pickup! There are a few other players in the transfer portal from the school down US 78 that may be fits also.
  2. GTHomer

    D-Line & coaching going into 2023

    We were also able to redshirt 2 4* Dlineman (Rivals) this past season in Lockett and Miles. I 'hope' that was partially due to the depth we had with Dlineman this 2022. Assuming that they progressed in the S&C program, this could likely be one of our positions of strength with respect to depth.
  3. GTHomer

    Portal Watch 2022-23

    What about Dylan McDuffie? His profile on indicated that he had 2 seasons of eligibility. He didn't play as much towards the end of the season so we could question if he wants to come back. I think we should add to our LB depth as they are also good special teams candidates also.
  4. GTHomer

    Fanbase Size

    It's been said before but adding varsity soccer teams, perhaps starting with women's, would help to expand the fan base. I'm not sure of the startup costs required for these sports but if done properly, it could help to put a fence around the many talented youth soccer players in the area along...
  5. GTHomer

    Portal Watch 2022-23

    I wondered the same thing. Could it be due to the coaching change?
  6. GTHomer

    The 2022 All-ACC Team has been announced

    Given this, would ZP be eligible next year for this award?
  7. GTHomer

    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    I don't think CCL was fired from Tulane. He was recruiting players from Notre Dame that were in the portal when he accepted the OC position here. If you can show us otherwise, I would appreciate it.
  8. GTHomer

    Is the Ft. Myers Tip-Off still on?

    I wonder if the UNC bball team will try to extract revenge on behalf of their football team... :rolleyes:
  9. GTHomer

    GT 68 - NIU 50

    I liked the way Franklin looked last night. He aggressively goes to the boards, which is something we will need throughout the season. If he can manage his fouls, I see him as being a key contributor this season. I had high hopes that this would be Howard's breakout season given how he...
  10. GTHomer

    Week 11 #MIAvsGT Media

    Demonstrating position versatility can only help him if he has a desire to play in the league.
  11. GTHomer

    Jeff Scott for the offense?

    Wonder if Dabo might try to hire him back???👀
  12. GTHomer

    POSTGAME #GTvsVT GT 28-VT 27

    On their final series, the VT QB fumbled the ball while running and we recovered. Tech wins!
  13. GTHomer

    POSTGAME #GTvsVT GT 28-VT 27

    These look similar to comments from our fans in the game chat
  14. GTHomer

    Key lost the HC job today?

    Not sure if this was posted but there is a good article in the 11/3 AJC about Joe Fusile. His goal since a tenth grader was to come to GT, scholarship or not...
  15. GTHomer

    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    This should likely be resolved in December. Even if the selection is on the staff of a team in the playoffs, an announcement could still be made while allowing them to finish the season. Seems that was the case when the puppies hired Kirby.
  16. GTHomer

    GT vs Florida State Final Stats/Participation Report

    You can find the PDF of this on - Final Stats The participation report is on page 6 of the PDF.
  17. GTHomer

    AD Hire: J Batt

    As a former soccer Dad, I can attest that there is a LOT of women's soccer talent in the metro Atlanta area. This along with the interest that would likely come from our international students is a way to grow interest (and revenue) in the overall athletic program.
  18. GTHomer

    Week 5 PFF Grades

    Makes you wonder if CBK isn't seeing the expected effort from Smith during practice.
  19. GTHomer

    B1G expansion?

    Thanks for sharing the link! It provides as interesting background. I wonder how long this grudge will be held?
  20. GTHomer

    RIP Demaryius Thomas

    I watched the GMA story this morning (8:15a ET). I found it interesting to hear that he had a noticeable change in behavior and personality. It makes you wonder how many other people we encounter that played sports and/or were hit in the head that may have had CTE.