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  1. WaldoJ

    The Offensive Line Makes the ALL BOWL Team

    (y) I see what you did there.
  2. WaldoJ

    GT-uga postgame

    Well said!
  3. WaldoJ

    Post Game

    600+ yards of offense and 43 points. I would always expect to win with those offensive numbers. The defense can't stop anyone. I don't think we have the athletes/playmakers to do it this year either. Maybe next? I don't know.
  4. WaldoJ

    ESPNU All-Access to visit GT

    This is the only page I can find on ESPN about it. Not a whole lot to go on. Maybe it will be on there soon? I haven't seen it either and would love to watch it!
  5. WaldoJ

    Update on Myles Autry

    I feel there is a lot of anger in this thread toward a kid (Yes, a kid) who has no earthly idea what he wants to do in life. He is like so many other teenagers who graduate high school and probably feels completely lost. Sure, from our eyes he had a free ride to a great school and was going to...
  6. WaldoJ

    Tech vs. Miami

    Heddinger should have another strikeout. Dang. Of course, a stolen base then an RBI single after that. Miami up 2-1. :(
  7. WaldoJ

    Tech vs. Miami

    Was a great small ball run! Single, sacrifice, then a single up the middle.
  8. WaldoJ

    Tech vs. Miami

    T5 - 1-0 - Miami Heddinger had an easy 1-2-3 B4. Change-up had some good movement.
  9. WaldoJ

    Tech vs. Miami

    Solo homerun by Carey. Sat on a fastball right down the middle and crushed it. Miami up 1-0 - middle of 4th. Heddinger is having some control issues today. He can't get a handle on the curve. Holding onto it for too long.