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  1. Chas_Jacket

    Portal Watch 2022-23

    Nice size - 6’3” out of high school. Late football entry after switching from basketball.
  2. Chas_Jacket

    Nate McCollom to UNC

    Yes - Amari Brown
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    Portal Watch 2022-23

    Absolutely had to have an experienced LB like Braelen who can fill in one of the holes from CT and Ace leaving. Great get - just wish he had more than one year eligibility.
  4. Chas_Jacket

    Portal Watch 2022-23

    Wonder if we have any interst
  5. Chas_Jacket

    Official: Brent Key is Georgia Tech Football's Head Coach

    Getting buy in from your players is a big part of being a successful coach - in that respect we are ahead of the curve from any other hire.
  6. Chas_Jacket

    Official: Brent Key is Georgia Tech Football's Head Coach

    So when we look to fill a company position, we often interview an internal staff covering the vacancy along with external personnel. No one is an “ Oh Well” choice, and salary expectations play into the decision along with competency. Why is BK different!
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    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Nothing on ESPN yet
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    Taisun Phommachanh question

    Think this excerpt is OK - its from AJC which is free if you download the App. If not, mods please remove. "Taisun's a big dude that can run the ball well," Quick said. "Honestly seeing him out there with his size and how he moves, it looks really good. Zach can sling the ball, too. Both...
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    Taisun Phommachanh question

    So what is the deal with Taisun. The video is mainly spring game stuff but he looks like he has all the attributes to be strong qb contender yet he was buried in the depth chart. Just his elusiveness as a runner makes me want to see him get some PT. Thoughts?
  10. Chas_Jacket

    Projections show that Tech/Miami could draw a solid crowd.

    Edit - didnt see the “Not” in front of the noon comment
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    So how tall is Pyron? He seems like he has an easier time seeing over the line than Sims
  12. Chas_Jacket

    Week 10 #GTvsVT Media

    I hope Sims can play the full game but think we will see Pyron if Sims doesn't move the ball the first 2-3 series or has turnovers.
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  14. Chas_Jacket

    Week 8 #UVAvsGT Predictions

    Sims will be starting😀
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    Week 7 ACC and games of note

    I can’t blame the young man for leaving us to get a chance to start on the #1 team in the country, but I wish we still had Jamyr. He has 100 yard early in the 3rd qtr against Tennessee.
  16. Chas_Jacket

    AD Hire: J Batt

    Can we change the thread title please?
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    UCF just beat the brakes off Temple

    Interesting the 3 teams we lost to are 17-1 collectively.
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    Replacing injured Jaylon King - who has been a big play maker and will be a loss. Hope Lee can live up to his Dad’s genes.
  19. Chas_Jacket

    God we needed that. (POSTGAME THREAD GT 26 - PITT 21)

    I didn’t see the play he got hurt - did it appear serious? Jaylon is probably the 2nd most important guy to have on the field after CT and we really need him for Duke.