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    I've been away for a while, but come back and check in on the Ukraine thread from time to time. Now I ask that you guys please send out well wishes and please keep up with what is happening to the Kurds. Iran's government is attempting to use them as scapegoats for their country's unrest...
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    Time to say goodbye.

    Think I'll be joining the OP for a while myself. Enjoy the season y'all, hoping everyone is satisfied at years end. Go Jackets!
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    Georgia Southern against 🌽

    Lol poor Nebraska.
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    Week 2 ACC Football

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    Game Day Roll Call!!

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    Deion/ GT having discussion?

    Depends on how you define consistently winning. I thought we were pretty successful not that long ago. Chan was let go because he never won anything of substance. His best season was 9 wins.
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    ACC Discussion 2022 Wake QB is cleared to play. Glad to hear it for him.
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    Clemson 41 - GT 10

    Agree, I don't think it's quite fair to judge the O-line vs Clemson. Not many teams will look good against Clemson offensively. There's also first game jitters (which I guess everyone has) that I think affected our line more since most of them haven't played together.
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    Clemson 41 - GT 10

    The question is, is it enough time now to judge Collins in his players? He's had 3 full recruiting cycles, plus the open transfer market. I think it's time we put the not having his players excuse to bed. For good or bad, this season is fully on Collins.
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    ACC Discussion 2022

    Don't get put on kg's list.
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    ACC Discussion 2022

    Big 12
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    ACC Discussion 2022

    And they reviewed it for about 10 minutes too, still screwed it up. They wouldn't have reset the chains that slowly.
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    ACC Discussion 2022

    Man they really tried to screw FSU out of that win.
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    We would be a Top 25 team this year…

    That horse was beat to death about 3 lifetimes ago. You're still wrong though.
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    Gameday unis

    I love it
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    We would be a Top 25 team this year…

    Frankly not worried about a mass exodus.
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    Week 1 #CFAKickoff #CLEMvsGT Predictions

    Step away from the juice buddy. I like it though!
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    How hot will CGCs seat be if GT is shutout Monday?

    Given CCL's track record, I doubt this would happen, unless he's been severely hamstrung. Chip seems to be a good offensive coach.
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    CGC Radio Show

    Probably for the best
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    2022 NCAA Football Rules Changes

    Would you say the fact that we didn't lose any more than average number of defenders during our decade of running the option would be something to look at regarding the safety or lack of safety with respect to cut blocks? Also the number of bowl games where we faced opponents who have not seen...