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  1. crl85

    Is this season a repeat of last year?

    Collins winning percentage was 26%. Key’s winning percentage is 50%.
  2. crl85

    It’s ugly, but I noticed some good things.

    Assuming this is a joke.
  3. crl85

    Rank Your Excitement for 2022

    This is inaccurate. He didn’t “lose” the fan base. The fans didn’t show up in 2018, 2019, 2020 or 2021. He certainly hasn’t helped bring new fans to the stadium with his 3-win seasons. That’s for sure. But he never had the fans to lose.
  4. crl85

    NCAA Tourney

    Unless the conference performs well and is inexplicably disqualified in Omaha like last year with nc state.
  5. crl85

    NCAA Tourney

    The last two years for nc state really put things in perspective for me as a tech fan. Last year was unforgivable. Being told your team can’t play for a championship and offered no explanation grounded in any rules, guidelines or precedent last year would really make me wonder why I watch...
  6. crl85

    NCAA Tourney

    With ND at Ga Southern, I feel good about hosting the super regional if we can find a way to beat tenn.
  7. crl85

    Game Day Plans or Not Watching at All?

    Awesome. Thanks for posting.
  8. crl85

    Game Day Plans or Not Watching at All?

    I’ll be at the game. What kind of sob story OP is this? If your not a fan (and if you don’t watch Tech games then you’re not a Tech fan), why are you wasting your time on a GT message board. You could have started organizing your garage instead of wasting time with this post.
  9. crl85

    tech media coverage

    This is trolling….
  10. crl85

    Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    I really like Geoff and his marketing energy. Gotta be able to coach, though. That’s not going to happen here.
  11. crl85

    COVID at CWS

    So did the 13 players who were eligible for yesterday’s game get covid after the game? also, did they not have even 9 players get a vaccine???
  12. crl85

    Nashville Regional - Vandy, Ga Tech, Indiana St, Presbyterian

    Could definitely see Hurter throwing 2 or 3 innings on Monday if needed.
  13. crl85

    Headed to Greensboro

    How are people getting tix? Stub hub?
  14. crl85

    ACC Tourney

    Congrats to Miami. They got a lot closer this time. Also, cannot believe we won 7 in a row. I remember thinking “we’ll have to win out and then win one in the tourney” after the Clemson game and that not seeming realistic in any way. Helluva team
  15. crl85

    ACC POY - Who is it?

    When is the announcement?
  16. crl85

    2021 Strength of Schedule

    I’m very excited to see both lines next year. Thinking they could be greatly improved. The secondary last season was horrendous. However iwilling to give them a covid pass bc no other explanation makes any sense. We have a great DB coach with Collins. We have legit talent in the secondary -...
  17. crl85

    2021 Strength of Schedule

    Agreed. Not seeing them as world beaters.
  18. crl85

    How many Tech games have you attended

    I’ll say 180. 6 per season since 1990.