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  1. SecretAgentBuzz

    When does Pastner feel heat

    @MidtownJacket, I get your point. Pastner probably hasn’t had the necessary resources to fully compete in this environment. However, I believe we have made to the point where not firing him would be a sign to the fan base that the AA cannot or does not want to fix an obvious problem. Giving...
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    Game Day - Clemson Edit v1.24

    I didn't even watch and I don't plan to. This has gotten really bad really quick. What happened to the "good shooting team" that we were supposed to have?
  3. SecretAgentBuzz

    Pitt January 14th Game

    Just read that we might be without Smith and Franklin, who are both sick. Our chance to win drops without those two.
  4. SecretAgentBuzz

    Pitt January 14th Game

    Let's go, Jackets! We can beat Pitt!
  5. SecretAgentBuzz

    Is this our best coaching staff of all time?

    I have no idea if this will be a good staff or a bad staff, but I still laugh every time I read/hear that we actually have a "director of speed!" I mean, really, a director of speed? :ROFLMAO:
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    "leg contusion"
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    Notre Dame, 1/10 at ND Game

    What a frustrating loss! So very close. Some quick takes: I thought Terry and Deebo both had really tough games (couldn't hit even wide open shots- combined were 0-10 from three), but Smith and Sturdivant and Franklin kept us in the game. I said last game that if you give Smith 40 minutes he...
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    Notre Dame, 1/10 at ND Game

    Predict us to lose! Predict us to lose!
  9. SecretAgentBuzz

    Some X and O's on our offense

    Ok, I can see what you are saying. Makes sense.
  10. SecretAgentBuzz

    Some X and O's on our offense

    YES! This 100%. When they are out-efforting the defense, it is beautiful to watch. When they get tired or don't put in the effort, it clogs up and slows down.
  11. SecretAgentBuzz

    Some X and O's on our offense

    I agree that Howard is probably a better passer than Franklin, but lacks the explosiveness to break to the rim quickly. However, he doesn't have great hands and overall, I don't think he is the best decision maker. Regardless, the 5 is not so much the issue with the offense as the lack of...
  12. SecretAgentBuzz

    Some X and O's on our offense

    Thank you for this. I've been saying for a while that it is not our offense that has the problem, but the effort with which it is run. With strong screens and cuts, it creates the necessary separation for a guard to shoot or drive. But like it is mentioned above, that guard still has to make...
  13. SecretAgentBuzz

    Portal Watch 2022-23

    The life of a GT fan. :ROFLMAO:
  14. SecretAgentBuzz

    FSU 1/7/2023 - GAME THREAD

    I think you are right about resiliency. This team once again got punched in the mouth and didn't hit back. We also stopped hitting any shots and they couldn't miss. As Kelly goes, so goes the team. Maxwell and Sturdivant did not look good in their minutes. Deebo was (again) up and down. I...
  15. SecretAgentBuzz

    FSU 1/7/2023 - GAME THREAD

    Big game. Any ACC victory on the road is a good victory. Hoping for a good showing from the team
  16. SecretAgentBuzz

    Miami 1/4/23 - GAME THREAD

    GreaT win! We finally broke through and played like we have had the potential to play. Late in the 2nd half, I said to myself, even if we lose, this game can prove that we can hang with good teams. But then we ended the game on a 12-0 run. Wha???? Here is what I liked: -17 of 19 on FTs...
  17. SecretAgentBuzz

    Stetson Bennett

    Thread title? These things have titles? 😂
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    UVA - 12/31

    UVA kicked us in the mouth and we folded. They were the aggressor the whole game and we played with a lack of confidence. That is on the coaches, in my opinion, and Pastner's leash is getting shorter every game. I found this game really hard to watch once UVA took off at the end of the first...
  19. SecretAgentBuzz

    Clemson Game 12/21/2022 7:30 PM

    Well, that was surely disappointing. I'm not ready to throw in the towel (like it sounds like many of you are), but things aren't trending in the right direction. The team looked unprepared and right back where we were a few weeks ago in Florida. Here are some things: What I liked: -Kyle...