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  1. Lexjacket

    Has anyone heard about season ticket renewals yet?

    Renewed for the first time in 2 years, congestive heart failure be damned.
  2. Lexjacket

    Fanbase Size

    I live in northeast Cobb, when I go to Costco or Walmart or Target they have racks loaded with dawg gear and KSU gear. There's not a Georgia Tech t-shirt or ball cap to be seen. I've been told it's the 'Hill' is so discriminating in who they allow to sell their gear or manufacturer their...
  3. Lexjacket

    Fanbase Size

    When, I became a Tech fan in 1961 you could not beg, borrow or steal a ticket to a Georgia Tech football game. I know that was a different time and a very different Atlanta. But when I see UGA packing in 90,000 at their games, they can't be all alumni. I would bet 50-60,000 are sidewalk fans...
  4. Lexjacket

    Fanbase Size

    I rest my case......welders are people too. In aviation welding is almost an art form. Georgia Tech engineers are some of the very best I've ever worked with, because they co-op, and get their hands dirty and work in the real world and get practical experience. The point I am trying to make is...
  5. Lexjacket

    Fanbase Size

    There is an air of alumni eliteness (dare I say snobbish) aire that permeates the Georgia Tech image in the rural and small towns of Georgia. I'm talking about the pulp wooders, peanut farmers, grocery clerks, car mechanics, etc. UGA attracts these fans by the 10's of thousands. Anywhere they...
  6. Lexjacket

    Deion Sanders On The Flats?

    I know this is an old thread, but I saw this video of Deion talking to his team. I honestly don't know much about his coaching abilities, but his mentor effectiveness for the young men he's coaching is pretty sound. I personally hope Brent Key is wildly successful and is hired as head coach, but...
  7. Lexjacket

    Bye Week Media

    He's no bs, no pissing down your back and tell you it's raining. Hard work, repetition, and a heart to win. I like it.
  8. Lexjacket

    Coach Brent Key Scenario

    The bottom line is win, and play competitive football. All the PR garbage does not apply to football. Do we want to fill the stands, win! Do we want to recruit talent, win! Sometimes you don't win, but be in the game. Tech has dabbled with that with Radikovich (sp) and now Collins. Brent Key has...
  9. Lexjacket

    Coach Brent Key Scenario

    I listened CBK's presser today and I like him. The straight-forward, no nonsense (no 'I see unicorns, if you just imagine' bs) statements. It's been my experience that, when things turn into do-do, someone has to keep their heads, refocus, and work your way out of it. I believe that he brings...
  10. Lexjacket

    Any word on who the Interim Coach will be?

  11. Lexjacket

    Stansbury and Collins Dismissed

    For the players, hopefully they'll view this as an opportunity to be successful and show they can win with good leadership. So, I think it's critical to get the right IHC.
  12. Lexjacket

    The Thing I Hate The Most

    I took this picture at the Varsity 40 minutes before kick-off......A barometer of fan enthusiasm?
  13. Lexjacket

    The Thing I Hate The Most

    I am a sidewalk fan, I went to college at UNA (University of North Alabama), but, I have loved Georgia Tech since I was 10 years old. I have been loyal and stuck with Tech through thick and thin for 62 years (I'm 72). I went to the game Saturday and took a friend and it was embarrassing...
  14. Lexjacket

    I would like to apologize for my earlier thread.

    I've been called a 'Pollyanna ' . I left at the end of the 3rd quarter, and threw up in my mouth. GC had his chance and failed.
  15. Lexjacket

    Props to Andrew Thacker (maybe CGC)

    We, don't need to play a top ten team like Clemson the first game of the season. A young untested team with a lot of new faces needs a Mercer or Samford to work out the kinks. Having said that , I saw some rays of hope in both the offense and defense. The transfer portal and NIL has changed...
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    ODU - 20 VT - 17
  17. Lexjacket

    CGC Radio Show

    Well, I wasn't talking about everywhere, my personal experience is with, Veterans Administration, IRS, Social Security, Public Education, Military, Defense Department. That's not everywhere, but it all belongs to the Federal Government. So, you think bureaucracies and bureaucrats are good? Do...