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  1. bigsands

    Survey for BDS

    Any thoughts on BDS after the game at MBS? I love the on-campus location of BDS, but it is just not a nice facility. The spread between all of the reported millionaires that GT produces and the quality of the stadium is staggering. I support anything to make the stadium nicer. Quality seats...
  2. bigsands

    GT Player Deals

    Clemson will not allow the athletes to use the logo. Has GT announced a policy?
  3. bigsands

    GT (-34) vs. The Citadel

    Not my best work.
  4. bigsands

    GT (-34) vs. The Citadel

    45 - 10 is about right. I think the spread is fair. If we don’t dominate every phase of the game, then we are in real trouble.
  5. bigsands

    How Good Was Coach Johnson at Tech?

    Johnson did a very, very good job. We had never defeated FSU since they joined the league, he did it three times. We hadn’t beat the mutts in years, he did it three times. Plus ACC title, 2014 Orange Bowl, etc. I thought this season was going to be a disaster after the Pitt game, but he...
  6. bigsands

    Who’s your pick for Head Coach? (Poll)

    I would like to change my vote to Urban Meyer
  7. bigsands

    Brad Stewart's catch was the best by a GT player since...

    I vote for younger brother, although probably an A Back.
  8. bigsands

    Awesome picture of ‘ol CPJ ...

    Nice way to memorialize a three game win streak. Let’s take care of business today.
  9. bigsands

    Price of wings - PJ’s Tuesday wing special?

    Can someone settle a debate? PJ’s used to have a special on wings (I believe on Tuesdays). My recollection from 86, 87, 88 time frame was that the wings were 15 cents each. I am being told I am crazy. Even my Tech friends can’t verify. Anyone help me out. I really think we were bringing...
  10. bigsands

    Is Georgia Tech football in better spot today (2018) than when you started 2008?

    Better spot “today”? Absolutely not. 2007 team had a winning record, beat Clemson, and beat ND and Miami (in down years) on the road. Derrick Morgan, Morgan Burnett, and Jonathan Dwyer were true freshmen. 2008 was a ‘take this team and get over the hump’ situation, which was done, all...
  11. bigsands

    Biggest Factor in GT vs USF outcome (poll)?

    Defense getting off the field on third down.
  12. bigsands

    Other Games -- welcome to week #1

    Did I just learn that our kicker lost the job at Alabama to a grad transfer? Our kicking game has been in the tank ever since the decommit. Feels like a lose-lose.
  13. bigsands


    Two words: sun screen.
  14. bigsands

    AJ Gray and Jake Stickler medical redshirts

    Really hate this for the young men.
  15. bigsands

    Josh Okogie to hire agent and stay in NBA Draft

    The Ringer has Josh as the 23rd best prospect. I don't consider them to be that much of an authority in pro prospects, but it is a data point as he makes his decision.
  16. bigsands

    ACC Discussion

    "in the pool", really?
  17. bigsands

    Brad Stewart's final year

    Excellent job with the post practice interview.
  18. bigsands

    Josh Okogie to hire agent and stay in NBA Draft

    From the article referenced above: "The little process I had as far as testing the waters came because I really didn't want to leave Maryland because Maryland is such a great place with great people and they accepted me when I transferred in from Georgia Tech," Maryland forward Robert Carter...
  19. bigsands

    Downtown Jon Brown

    Legitimately fun to watch in the pregame lay up line.
  20. bigsands

    This years team:

    I didn't watch the game, but I am just glad that over the last two games that the team hasn't quit competing. A week ago, I had assumed otherwise.