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  1. candrewk

    If TStan is fired/resigns… what AD do we hire?

    Hot take: firing Stansbury would be even more stupid than firing Collins. Stansbury has done a lot for historically underfunded sports like Volleyball and Swimming. We’ve risen over two dozen spots in the Presidents cup in the past decade. Easily his biggest sin was the length of Pastner’s...
  2. candrewk

    I will email this thread to Todd stansbury. Comment below your thoughts, frustration, and grief about tech football so he can know how we feel.

    I don’t care what happens to Collins, just, for the love of god, don’t hire Jeff Monken
  3. candrewk

    Clemson Tix

    Graduated recently, so this is my first non-student game. Connects in student section and section 108 both fell through. Haven't used PMs on here before, but shoot me offers. Will pay closer to resale prices on ticketmaster for something in section 108.
  4. candrewk

    Get ready for Clemson!

    Haha guess it’s time to merge
  5. candrewk

    This is our year

    I do agree that if we are going to upset anyone this year, it will probably be Ole Miss
  6. candrewk

    Here's a thought

    Looking at this year's schedule, probably only 5 games would be ok, but I think he'd need to win 7 next year.
  7. candrewk

    Clemson Ticket Location Released

    looks like tickets are now 100% sold out, even through 3 game multipacks and season tickets
  8. candrewk

    new schedule format

    If I was told they were going into this without having seen the primary opponents. I would expect the ACC to have enough competency to pit us against Clemson, and either Duke, VT, or Miami as 2/3 primary rivalries. I know all three of those schools have a lot of rivals which is why I’d really...
  9. candrewk

    Here's a thought

    I partially agree, if we’re looking at two year stints alone there’s not much I can do to defend last year’s performance, nor do I want to. However, if we expand the stint to 3 years, which would’ve included 2015 for CPJ, I would argue Collins winning 5 games this year really wouldn’t be that...
  10. candrewk

    Here's a thought

    Was this donor in favor of firing Paul Johnson in 2017? That’s how many games he won with an almost identical schedule. I think if boosters put up double what his contract buyout is, then we might fire him, but 5 wins this year pretty much guarantees bowling next year.
  11. candrewk

    2022 Game Time Announcements

    As one of the youngest people on this board… this is glorious.
  12. candrewk

    ACC Spring Overreactions

    They’re unfortunately probably right though. This schedule is virtually identical to 2017. If CPJ couldn’t pull it off then, Collins won’t be able to now.
  13. candrewk

    Collins on Packer & Durham

    He seems way more on edge than normal
  14. candrewk

    2022 Schedule??

    Hopefully we still get both end zones painted with GT and control the entire graphics package. If they want to slap CFA kickoff game in the middle of the field I can probably live with that, though I'd prefer for it to be placed where the "ATL" symbol would normally show up on grant field.
  15. candrewk

    2022 Schedule??

    Also, I thought uga/Oregon was the Chick Fil A kickoff game. If GT/Clemson is also a kickoff game, does that mean it will be a neutral field? That really sucks if so, because the GT graphics package and seeing the GT logo on the field was one of the coolest parts of the MBS game last year. Not...
  16. candrewk

    2022 Schedule??

    This is actually about as favorable as you could've hoped for. Putting UVA on a Thursday so as to not have a BYE week would've been better if UVA or FSU had a game the Saturday before, but it still buys us more time and we usually do well at night. Assuming Collins pulls an upset in his first...
  17. candrewk

    OC Chip Long Press Conference

    8 wins implies we're going to the ACC championship given our OOC schedule... I just don't see it. 5-6 means we're looking at a winning conference record.
  18. candrewk

    Let's go about this different only positive things ( Why will Tech win 6 games or more next year)

    I like this sentiment, but looking at past schedules our schedule next year compares most similarly to 2017, which was one of only two years CPJ didn't make a bowl game. It's absolutely brutal. When people say we're going to win 6 or more games next year, they're basically saying we're going to...