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    CBK Presser

    Must see if you want to start getting fired up for GT football
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    2023 ACC Schedule

    Clemson has tougher end of season schedule ND, GT, UNC, USCe in last 4 games.
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    2023 Gt Schedule - better, about the same or as bad as in the CPJ era

    I would be happy with schedule that’s has tougher matchups late, easier matchups early, let team get some early wins to build confidence in new staff and players. Let momentum and chemistry help them late.
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    Garrett Riley . . .

    Tajh Boyd was real good QB, Bryant was good, . Collin Harper was not big time recruit, Dabo offered and Harper developed to point he played good for them
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    2023 ACC News & Discussion

    Wow, nice get by Clemson, especially with young QB coming back next year. If successful, Riley won’t be there long as I think power 5 team will bring him on as head coach
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    Introduce yourself

    Welcome, been a fan myself since early 70’s childhood. Also fired up for Coach Key. Don’t know enough if he’s the answer, but really liked the tone he set last year and was so fired up when he was rewarded with the job.
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    Should New OC Faulkner work for uga in the CFP?

    NCAA will wait till he come to Tech, then put Tech on probation for him being on the field during UGA practice and games
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    Stetson Bennett

    I see where you’re coming from, agree he has that “it” factor, Tommy Frazier of Nebraska was like that, won back to back titles. Just knew how to make right play at right time.
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    Should New OC Faulkner work for uga in the CFP?

    I actually like that Faulkner worked through, preparing for big time program, calling big time game, plus the recruiting resume if he wins title will help in recruiting
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    Official: Brent Key is Georgia Tech Football's Head Coach

    I picked Key 1st day of the who do you want as coach poll thread. I’m liking the hire. Forget all the narratives, this was a hire to win a national championship. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. Go Jackets!
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    Introduce yourself

    Welcome, would like to read the Dodd Luck condensed version.
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    Aced it!

    I still have Lucius Sanford as best Tech player I ever saw, includes, Joey Hamilton, Calvin Johnson, Eddie Lee Ivory as close behind.
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    The reports of the TO's death have been grossly exaggerated

    I can’t stand watching games where teams score at will. Not saying it’s good or bad but just my preference. I love when defenses make it hard to score, seeing offense pound the middle, knowing they are opening up the edge, when will defense break? Type game. Hats off to the teams that can just...
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    Week 1 #CFAKickoff #CLEMvsGT Predictions

    21-20, GT as defensive TD wins game
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    Week 1 #CLEMvsGT Media

    Oh Shipley
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    This is our year

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    GT Football Road Trip - Tonight, 7pm ET, ACCN

    UNC vs GT on now, then GT spring game, then the ACC read show at GT at 7PM.
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    GT Football Road Trip - Tonight, 7pm ET, ACCN

    Thanks for post, will definitely try to watch this.
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    Time to break in a new uniform thread - 2022 edition

    Love the new uniforms, they look great. I’m not very good opinion as I have liked every uniform Tech comes out with. Big uniform guy, I always watch games and focus the uniforms teams are wearing, Love pregame run onto the field seeing teams look sharpe. Likethe team’s that stick with...