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  1. Key’s Staff

    I thought thats what was said about Dell McGee
  2. Key’s Staff

    Must admit, pretty hard to turn out positive social media content when you average three wins per year.
  3. Transfer p[r

    Or last 14 years, depending on how far back you want to go.
  4. Favorite uniform combo of the 2022 season?

    Bball team wore some pretty nice gray jerseys last night. Wouldn't complain if the FB got something similar.
  5. Official: Brent Key is Georgia Tech Football's Head Coach

    Not a fan but I’ll back him. Let’s go! (Now let’s see what the contract looks like)
  6. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    probably truth in both arguments. I agree, some blame should be on Key. But the same way we saw the D improve drastically after GC left suggests Thacker was not the problem, but rather GC was. So hard to tell. Either way, not like it matters.
  7. CPJ AJC Article

    Agree. and you know who else didn’t stand up for the players? Many of our “fans”— including on this message board— that basically bought in to what Collins said and started recycling it. Thankfully haven’t heard much from them past year or so.
  8. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Chadwell could blow up?
  9. Key lost the HC job today?

    yes. He lost it. Game plan was horrible. Waited until we were down multiple touchdowns to try anything other than a run play.
  10. Charlie Thomas getting some draft love on ESPN+

    The DB thing sounds right. Perhaps it was some type of hybrid position. He absolutely was not getting reps at LB Collins's first year.
  11. Charlie Thomas getting some draft love on ESPN+

    if i recall correct that was pretty much Geoff Collins's rationale for not playing him more. We see how that turned out...
  12. Zach Gibson is not as bad as he looked.

    Pretty obnoxious thread, in my opinion. He had a bad game. At the end of the day, he is still a kid and there were plenty of other mistakes in this game as well. This entire scenario is an indictment on the coaching staff, not Gibson. Funny thing is that the majority of the posters riding...
  13. When does Pastner feel heat

    Pastner's teams look well coached -- especially defensively. The issue that frustrates me is our offense just does not match our skillset. Hopefully he switches it up this year.
  14. Ja

    I root for a school. Not a player (or a coach). It’s not that I am salty. I could just care less about what he is doing.
  15. Ja

    Eh. Cheered for him while he was here, but his last year he had one foot out the door.
  16. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    i dont know. lots of folks (me included) thought an option coach was the right choice last time around. Or at least it should have been an option on the table (no pun intended). But now, given we spent several years moving away from the 3O, it would be extremely stupid for us to bring back...
  17. Coach Brent Key Scenario

    Fair but if you start milking the clock with 6 minutes left, sometimes you are sending the wrong message to the team.
  18. God we needed that. (POSTGAME THREAD GT 26 - PITT 21)

    Some random observations: 1. Dunno how our kicking game improved so much but all I know is when Collins took over, he also took a kid that hadn’t missed a FG in about a year and demoted him and played someone else. 2. What was up with that substitution from Pitt where the kid walked on the...
  19. Stansbury and Collins Dismissed

    Lol. I wouldn’t have used those exact words but generally agree with the sentiment. Onward and upwards!
  20. Stansbury and Collins Dismissed

    He’s gone. Let’s move on.