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  1. CrackerJacket

    GT Football Who is the GOAT

    I remember Coach Bestwick’s line about Rock: “He’s not big enough to play defensive line, but don’t tell him. He doesn’t know.”
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    Happy new

    Welcome to year one of the CBK era. Maybe I’m more hopeful than rational, but I feel better about our football program than I have since 2016 or thereabouts. Can’t wait!
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    However you spell it, this is good news. An expression of confidence in Coach Key, I hope. I was on Team Chad during the coaching search, but the more I listen to Coach Key, the more I like him. I see the no-nonsense toughness of CPJ plus love for GT. A totally authentic person, in contrast to...
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    NIL, Transfers, and Stratospheric Salaries. What Is the Future of GT Football and College Football in General?

    The speculation about CFB dividing itself into semi-pro and student-athlete worlds is on point. I think we will end up with age group pro football, where the team owner/sponsor could be a university, a corporation, or even an individual. The ‘College’ Gameday show will be analyzing matchups...
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    Your Choice for OC

    How about Corey Dennis? Does he have enough experience for the job?
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    Official: Brent Key is Georgia Tech Football's Head Coach

    Yep, the post-game pressers won me over in the end. I was all-in for Chadwell, but after listening to Key, I began to see him as a viable option. If he's the guy, I'm good with it.
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    Collins Recruiting Outcome

    Indeed. Faulkner musta been a GT fan. “The past is not dead. It’s not even past.”
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    Collins Recruiting Outcome

    Interesting data, but not a complete picture. We’d need to look at retention, too - which of the guys recruited stayed through their 2nd year of eligibility. I suspect CGC’s time would show a significant loss of recruits as compared to other recent GT HCs. Of course the transfer portal, etc...
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    Let’s reminisce. What’s your favorite Clean Old-Fashioned Hate moment?

    My first visit to BDS as an alumnus! What a homecoming!
  10. CrackerJacket

    Let’s reminisce. What’s your favorite Clean Old-Fashioned Hate moment?

    The third quarter of the 2008 game. Down 28-12 at halftime. Scored 26 unanswered points in the third. It was the Lord's doing, and it was marvelous in our eyes.
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    Your choice for Head Coach

    The CC offense looks more versatile than the hardcore Flexbone. I see it as what GT’s offense could have evolved into. No disrespect meant to CPJ here, BTW.
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    Your choice for Head Coach

    But the video of Chadwell’s offense is damn interesting. Speed guys can really show off their skills in that scheme; it’s a recruiting plus.
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    Zach Pyron OUT for the season

    Zach, heal up and keep your grades up. We’re gonna need you ready for spring practice.
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    Your choice for Head Coach

    Would love to see Huff or Chadwell take the job. Hard pass on BOB.
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    Thing is, after three plus years of disappointment, frustration, and embarrassment, we are drawn towards a new hope like Bedouin to an oasis. We’re tired of unfulfilled promise, slogans, and ‘potential’. GT is about persistence, guts, pride and performance. That’s what it takes to get out of...
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    There’s a 2 minute Pyron highlight file on YouTube, but I hope someone does an ‘all offensive plays’ vid. I couldn’t watch the the game, but y’all have so much good to say about him, I’m fired up to see him in action.
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    An honest-to-Dodd quarterback controversy looms! Chat site fodder forever, or until one of the contenders hits the portal.
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    Let's do something different ( Who do you NOT want as a head coach at Tech)

    Bill O’Brien is my ‘not’. I watched him dismantle the Texans because he didn’t know what he didn’t know. His college HC situation at Penn State was IMO easier than some thought. He had a good talent pool of Penn State loyalists, and he could motivate with an ‘us against the world’ line. First...
  19. CrackerJacket

    I’m the definition of F*** around and find out.

    Interesting thread. I was at Tech 71-76. I used to walk into the stadium late at night and wait for the ghosts to come out. They didn't, but after a few beers, you could hear 'em whisper to you...
  20. CrackerJacket

    Geoff Collins worst GT coach of all time

    Didn't forget realignment, 33, but you hit the nail on the head with your public embarrassment take. GC's sloganeering BS was infuriating, but the public mockery he induced was intolerable. I understand he and TStan were escorted to their cars after getting canned. Entirely appropriate, IMO.