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  1. 2019 NCAA Baseball Tournament - Atlanta Regional

    Come on man. That is pure speculation. If maddux and smoltz were gone who is to say the braves do win without them. The yankees have lost Serevino #1 slot. Paxton #2 slot, CC Sabathia #4 slot and they are in first place playing well over .600 ball. A lot of factors go into it. Depth, luck, etc...
  2. all the games on youtube

    If it wasn't for GT Bob's replays on youtube I would never be able to watch any GT games in Puerto Varas, Chile as live streams are to choppy and slow down here.
  3. Where do we go from here?

    more like a feeling, because of lack of strong media coverage, fan outrage that was stronger I feel when CGC and CPH were fired. Also, MBob has shown support of CBG. Although everything could change in a dime, and I could also easily see him going I have doubts unlike the situation with Cremins...
  4. Where do we go from here?

    Whether or not CBG should be around next year I still admire the way he is handling himself during the program's lack of results. He is not whining at fans, or complaining to the press or anything negative during adversity. Second, although it was not MBob's hire he still gave him a contract...
  5. ACC Title should have been for CFP ACC Underrated

    I guess my only gripe is MSU is ranked 10 with a similar cupcake conference schedule and a big loss to Oregon
  6. ACC Title should have been for CFP ACC Underrated

    The ACC title game should have been for winner a spot in the College Football playoff's not just for FSU if they win. Of all the 2 loss teams before the start of the games today GT was the worse rated 2 loss team only above missouri. Why? Because the ACC gets no respect compared to the SEC. I...
  7. GT-uga postgame

    well Louisville closed it out so 4-0 vs SEC if FSU wins... Go jackets whatever happens in title game this team really beat out all expectations. Great win
  8. GT-uga postgame

    What a game, everything imaginable happened in that game. Now if FSU wins that is 3-1 vs SEC in rivalry games. And close to 4-0
  9. What needs to happen for you to want to keep CPJ?

    For me its a numbers game. In 2011 we spent 511K on recruiting, 2012 883K, 2013 1.3M and this year the budget is 1.36M. These numbers are disputable because of differing accounting on who the budget is presented to so I could not discern ESPN and AJC numbers or possibly find out an exact amount...
  10. Post Game

    I just don't see how we are going to get rid of a coach now. We still have to pay Hewitt's contract for another year. We would have to pay CPJ. Given that Coach Gregory program is not on the up and up I just don't see where the cash is going to come from. I think whether you are on the fire or...
  11. Post Game

    Totally agree John. Announcers made that point as well that it seemed that UNC clearly was playing better without the 2-QB system. UNC has turned a corner and is playing excellent Offense. Defense is porous so it seemed that whoever had the ball last would win. UNC is turning out this season...
  12. Post Game

    I for one bashed JT inappropriately last week which I should not have done, but I thought he responded well and did not try to force things this time around. Sad to see Laskey go out. Pitt is 2-1 in the division so I hope that they do not let it get to them to much.
  13. Post Game

    I didn't understand given a rhythm type QB in UNC why we didn't blitz early or try to get him out of rhythm early. Seems to me that keeping everything in front just allowed a rhythm QB to get into his groove.
  14. Post Game

    Do we have many options with $$$$
  15. GT - Duke Post game thread

    agree with u. The call on the field was incomplete and it was 2 close to call either way. If they ruled catch I do not think they would have enough evidence to call it the other way as well
  16. GT - Duke Post game thread

    Was not targeting for sure. It was real close. He did hit the helmet but seemed he first hit him with his shoulder and impact made him hit helmet from my view anyway
  17. GT - Duke Post game thread

    Hate to diverge from topic but sounds like if you make less than 20K you are not much of a fan, and/or if you live 7K miles away from Atlanta. 1. Plenty unless there is an exact amount that qualifies 2. 0 3. A couple here and there 4. 0. Crap. But made it to New Orleans when Kenny hit the...
  18. GT - Duke Post game thread

    Right on. Better said then my post. But this could be a turning point for the team and as well as JT. He looked really messed up on the sidelines. Given this is his first loss ever as a starter, this type of game may happen again. Maybe he can draw from this game. Maybe this will give the team...
  19. GT - Duke Post game thread

    Really the refs. Who calls a offside on a punt? The ref who sees the GT player go offside's. 4th and 4 and what is the one thing you do not do on a 4th and 4 punt. Don't even give the ref even a second to think of throwing a flag, stay back two yards if you cannot stay on side. The Dukes of the...
  20. Its GameDay!

    All the way from Puerto Varas, Chile. GO JACKETS beat the Canes. Today's game will be internationally seen. Even teaching my Step Son's 2 year old who doesn't know English at all but now can sing Go Jackets