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  1. Eastman

    Confused by Tony Elliott Support

    It could be that folks like Monken may not want to put up with all those who complained about CPJ’s offense. I can say from personal experience that making less money at a place that loves and appreciates you can be a much better gig than making more money where you have to put up with constant...
  2. Eastman

    Confused by Tony Elliott Support

    I think a lot of the reasoning is overly simplified. The fact that he works for Dabo means little. I remember when Brad Scott ( dad of co offensive coordinator at Clemson) was made head coach at USCe. He was a cant miss because he ran the powerful offense at FSU and was under the tutelage of...
  3. Eastman

    Potential Head Coach Hires

    If Saban wants a real challenge, he should come to Tech.
  4. Eastman

    ACC Football Thread

    No season where you beat uga on the last game of the season is anticlimactic. Any bowl game and a win against them will keep me smiling till next season.
  5. Eastman

    ACC Football Thread

    No season where you beat uga on the last game of the season is anticlimactic. 9
  6. Eastman

    ACC Football Thread

    No season where you beat uga on the last game of the season is anticlimactic.
  7. Eastman

    ACC Football Thread

    Ridiculous, we have filled that stadium in Athens many times.
  8. Eastman

    Tech vs Va postgame

    Glad all our fans love our coach!
  9. Eastman

    Tech v duh U postgame!

    Totally agree. We kept making first downs against a very strong defense when our recent history gave us no reason for confidence. CPJ has always said this team has plenty of confidence and they played like it when they needed to.
  10. Eastman

    What will be the first offensive play GT runs against Virginia on Saturday?

    I TM’s success throwing the ball last game causes CPJ to change strategy and use the diamond formation we ran with Vad and begin throwing the ball 70% of the time. Of course their is a chance I could be wrong.
  11. Eastman


    I thought that it was pretty gutsy to run Jerry up the middle owith that far to go. It has seemed to me that TM has a tendency to default to keeping the ball on big third downs and was glad that didn’t happen.
  12. Eastman

    Pressley Harvin's Middle Name

    We should hope not!
  13. Eastman

    ACC Football Thread

    That makes sense for why their fans dress like they do and the big “turnover chain”. Evidently the clock must have fallen off of the chain.
  14. Eastman

    Pressley Harvin's Middle Name

    He was a weapon and a big factor in the win. So many things have to click in college football to get a win. That is why I push back on some of the glib criticism that we stink after losing a close game. If for example that one snap had sailed over his head. We may lamenting a loss right now with...
  15. Eastman

    GT (-6.5) vs. UVA

    Sounds like you are due for a big miss. Which makes me feel better.
  16. Eastman

    GT (-6.5) vs. UVA

    Yep but only on the face
  17. Eastman

    How Many Yards Will Georgia Tech Run For Against Virginia?

    I just want enough yards to win.
  18. Eastman

    Old Tech memorabilia

    was at that game. Wish my mom hadn't thrown mine away long ago.
  19. Eastman

    Paul Johnson time frame.

    If we just could get the players to do worse academically then we would lose fewer to graduation;)
  20. Eastman

    GT v Miami

    A lot of people complain about the level of our recruiting but although most of our players may be rated as 3* athletically, you can tell that we have a tremendous number of SAs with 4 and 5* Character. Kudos to the coaches for their efforts to recruit men of character.