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  1. Jophish17


    Congrats, Jose! My wife bought me his t shirt, now that he’s official I might be able to get a jersey 😎
  2. Jophish17

    GT fans

    This will be Tech lore for years to come.
  3. Jophish17

    GT fans

    Thank you for your support! You have every reason to be proud, Jordan was a beast, glad he was a yellow jacket for a few years. Ignore the boos, they usually come from the cheap seats 🙂
  4. Jophish17

    Really we’ve sunk to a new low

    Wow that is bad. I thought it was the women’s team 🙃
  5. Jophish17

    Thoughts on the Portal

    Related: Secrets of the college football transfer portal: ‘There’s definitely tampering going on’ Always gonna have under the table deals at the highest level. I too am intrigued by a pyramid-like setup.
  6. Jophish17


    I hope Jose is still getting minutes when the pelicans come to Atlanta in March. My all-time favorite jacket, absolutely love his fire
  7. Jophish17


    After reading it for years, it appears true: we CAN be like Stanford
  8. Jophish17


    Well, nothing else to say but… that sucks.
  9. Jophish17

    Pre and Post Notre Dame Comments

    Tech earned a bye and still had to win two games, including #2 FSU. Gtfo
  10. Jophish17

    Fire CJP

    Did not expect to see this thread when I logged on today. its been a tough year (frankly expected given attrition and early schedule) but this is extreme. Let’s wait until we play more than 3 ACC games to even judge this season.
  11. Jophish17

    New Atlanta Mayor is GT Grad

    The new(ish) DoT in Atlanta is run by GT grads. They’ve done a lot in a short time. Andre is very promising. Looking forward to the new regime.
  12. Jophish17

    Men’s Game vs Louisville

    Jackets by 100
  13. Jophish17

    Bowl Season

    Good call. NIL deals may also drive kids to bowl games. Again I don’t know how these deals are structured but Pickett’s sponsors might not be happy, either.
  14. Jophish17

    Bowl Season

    I agree - I think you’ll see more draft eligible players sitting out earlier if their team is clearly out of contention. It may well be a violation of the agreement, I don’t know the details of contracts players have. But is the school ever going to come after the player? Ok, then they can pay...
  15. Jophish17

    Bowl Season

    Not at all. I’d do the same thing. It’s a business.
  16. Jophish17

    Disney and YouTubeTV in a spat

    I’ve been very pleased with ATT/Directv stream, I’ve used them for more than a year now since I moved to north Decatur. The fiber internet has been a big upgrade over Google Fiber and the sports I want to watch are always available. Also no data caps like Comcast which - if you work from home...
  17. Jophish17

    Disney and YouTubeTV in a spat

    Yet another example of how cord cutting doesn’t really do anything to benefit consumers: the content producers still hold extreme bargaining power and provide a service that is both highly desirable & valuable for consumers. At least the cord cutters don’t have super high switching costs.
  18. Jophish17

    RIP Demaryius Thomas

    My condolences to the family. What a legend.
  19. Jophish17

    Can we stay competitive in the NIL era?

    In short, yes I believe Tech can still compete. By that I mean NIL isn’t an isolated variable driving us to doomsday. There are still only 11 players on the field at once. Maybe 40 players per school get meaningful playing time in a season. If you want to jump to the NFL, you need to be...
  20. Jophish17

    Wake fans?

    None of this is consistent with my experience with wake fans, students or alum. Probably the most benign group in the conference, apart from maybe BC