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  1. Bule

    I Don't Like To...

    Wtf is this crap about “thuggish”? Taunting and being physically nasty to get penalties is thuggish. Having players stay hyped, juiced and excited may be very different than the CPJ regime and what we are used to but far from thuggish. Give it a rest, it may not be your style, but if it is what...
  2. Bule

    Demetrius Knight is a budding star

    According to rivals his only other offer was Tenn Tech. Unbelievable! He committed early to us but still..., I didn’t think it was possible for athletes like this to go almost completely unnoticed anymore. Kudos to previous staff for fimding this one
  3. Bule

    Fall Camp Post Practice

    Probably just some dings. Camp was out too.
  4. Bule

    Fall Camp Post Practice

    Atmosphere was fun but chaotic. I think it’s the way Collins likes it. Everything is moving very fast and there are lots of things going on at once so very difficult to follow. You have to really focus on one particular thing. Everyone seemed into it though and seemed to be enjoying themselves.
  5. Bule

    Fall Camp Post Practice

    I believe cooper and Hansen were held out today
  6. Bule

    Fall Camp Post Practice

    Defense looked good today. Lots of pressure on QBs due to blitzes etc. lots of INTs due to the pressure. But can’t really judge the offense on this IMO plus we had a couple guys out on OL. Receivers looked good. QBs looked good at times. It’s very early, long ways to go but I am optimistic
  7. Bule


    Because facts do not fit his agenda
  8. Bule

    Yomanser's Recruiting Roundup - 2/6/19 First Edition Analysis

    This. Say what you want about Cpj and his offense and the type of players he wanted for it, but we got pretty much no offensive 4 star players during his tenure here. TIFWIW
  9. Bule

    Is James Graham still in school?

    Very encouraging that he may make it through. I thought it definitely got easier after the freshman year of insanity that is GT weed out classes. JG is an awesome athlete no matter what position he ends up at so definitely don’t want to see him leave !!!
  10. Bule

    Parker Braun transferring

    Yea I definitely could see one of the Florida schools in the future.
  11. Bule

    GTswarm of old

    All the good posters are still around, they just get lost in the ones that like having the constant ***** measuring contests on here
  12. Bule

    Parker Braun transferring

    I think this is spot on.
  13. Bule

    The "Collins effect "........

    I think Camp between Lucas and Braun
  14. Bule

    Grade the hires of the new GT Football staff

    I think choice was a value hire. Given that we spent a little extra money on a couple on the staff such as Key because of their high level of experience and desirability we needed some risky hires with big upside. Choice is a good example of that because he is a known quantity to us as a...
  15. Bule

    Collins Fingerpoint Watch

    In a drinking game you would be one drunk mofo either way
  16. Bule

    Cgc on the radio shortly

    Did anyone hear it? Recap please?
  17. Bule

    OldJacketFan has passed away

    :( He will be missed.
  18. Bule

    Graham Academically Ineligible

    Wow, like a mulligan? That woulda been nice when I was at Gt
  19. Bule

    Graham Academically Ineligible

    To me it seems that CPJ would take 1 academically risky baller per year that he felt was worth rolling the dice on because they are game changers. JG must have been the one from last years class...
  20. Bule

    Brent Key expected to join Georgia Tech staff

    The truth is somewhere in the middle. VPI has fallen some as a program, Puke is a little better and they have our number for some reason, and we have trended down a bit the last few years.