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  1. gt ranked in this top 25...

    No auburn, no Florida, no a&m. Finally some sanity in the rankings Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  2. Need Notre Dame tickets

    Looking for two together.
  3. 2015 DL Speculation

    What other schools would not fix things so that a starting player would stay eligible. We are definitely not UNC. GT makes me both proud and frustrated.
  4. 2014 offense retained 40% of 2013 offense

    I do worry about A back and WR. Been trying to figure out what caused the drop off on offense from 09 to 10. We had QB returning and replaced Dwyer with Allen, so Bback was set. Only lost a couple of OL. I think loosing Demaryius was huge, and that worries me about what losing smelter and...
  5. Do you believe in miracles?

    Uga MIGHT qualify (I thought we were done), but not GSU. The turnover gave us about the same field position as a kickoff would have. If we don't get the turnover but hold them to a field goal, its reasonable to assume we still drive the length of the field and tie it up with a TD.
  6. NOAA&NASA: 2014 Warmest Year on Record

    The links in AE's post do not make me doubt temperature records and in no way add up to fraud as others have said. The bloomberg link says there was a mistake made. When it was pointed out, NASA confirmed the mistake. Mistakes happen and this is what one would expect the process to look like...
  7. 2014 Football End of Year Video by GT Athletics

    Seriously though, anyone else start yelling at Smelter to down it on his end around vs UNC?
  8. 2014 Football End of Year Video by GT Athletics

    I'm not misty eyed . . . shut up