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  1. GT/FSU rivalry in the 90s

    I was at both games that day. I left the Tech game early to go to the Braves game thinking we had it won. Before the Tech game, Deon, who played for the Braves, pulled up in a sports car and parked next to the Edge Center to hold court with the FSU fans.
  2. Nate McCollom to UNC

    That play against UCF was one of the best I have ever seen. Took a ton of heart to make that play. Losing Nate hurts, but we have to move on. Go Tech!
  3. Clemson Game 12/21/2022 7:30 PM

    Looks like a very poorly coached team, especially on offense. And do we ever make the first free throw when we go to the line?
  4. Key’s Staff

    Disagree. I do not experience near the excitement of a game watching it on TV as I do from the stands. When there is a big crowd and an exciting play, there is nothing like being there to me. What has ruined it for me in person or on TV are interminable TV timeouts. They have to do...
  5. Brent Key Introductory Press Conference

    Let’s open our wallets and make CBK’s contribution irrelevant. The fans need to get behind him and the team.
  6. Key’s Staff

    I agree that was his best line. Let’s also not forget his basketball phrases such as the “charity stripe” for free throws and calling jump shots “bunny shots”. Also he sometimes called football quarters “stanzas”.
  7. Key’s Staff

    My big complaint about radio football announcers these days is they will fail to tell you what yard line the ball is on until the play has been over for a several seconds and sometimes not until the next play is called. Since you cannot see the game, they need to let you know how the ball is...
  8. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Very excited about Key being hired, but can someone please tell me where the official announcement is? I cannot find it.
  9. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    I guess he can buy a nice house with the trunk of money he left Atlanta with.
  10. Portal Watch 2022-23

    The play Nate made against UCF stripping the ball near the goal line was one of the best plays I have seen a Tech player make in 50, years.
  11. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    After reading the last 20 pages or so mostly criticizing the Fritz hire, It will be interesting to watch what happens if it turns out not to be true and Key gets hired. Then, I predict we will have 20 pages of criticism for not being able to get a proven coach and having to settle for Key...
  12. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Understand your point but we made the exciting hire to get the fan base back last time, and we can all see how that worked out. Also, fans did not even come back once Key had us looking good after Collins got fired. The crowds the last two home games were pitiful. I think it is going to...
  13. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    I liked Key and was rooting for him. But for all of those criticizing the hire, how many of you were excited when Collins got hired?
  14. #POSTGAME uga 37 - GT 14

    The OL. played very well. Do not recall many, if any, off-sides or holding calls, and Gibson had time in the pocket. I was predicting numerous off-sides penalties as they tried to jump the gun to pass block and was was also predicting 6 or 7 sacks. Gibson played well too. Did not hold the...
  15. Is the Ft. Myers Tip-Off still on?

    I wonder if the long time assistant that left after last season for the head coaching job out west was more important that we thought. They look very poorly coached tonight.
  16. GT 68 - NIU 50

    I agree it is nice to be 3-0 and to be beating some out of conference teams early. My criticism of CJP teams the past few years has been losing to small schools early which comes back to haunt them later even if they do well in conference play. But, if they continue to give up as many...
  17. POSTGAME #GTvsVT GT 28-VT 27

    Great pics! Thanks. I want to go to a game there to see Tech play one year.
  18. POSTGAME #GTvsVT GT 28-VT 27

    Can we just enjoy a great win by a brand my new QB who brought us back from the brink of defeat by showing incredible poise and toughness in the 4th quarter on the road in his first start? Tech fans are a tough crowd to please which is amazing given what we have had to endure the past three...