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  1. BuzzStone

    Way too Early 2023 Predictions

    So nice that we all agree that 1-3 wins isn't even an option now as it has been for the past 3 years! Key has done a remarkable job so far.
  2. BuzzStone


    I can't watch our lady jackets take the field this year. I hope I can make it down for multiple games this year.
  3. BuzzStone

    What is the best single-game performance you've seen out of a Tech player?

    maybe mine is just best play, but the Qua Searcy leap to beat the mutts stands out to me big time.
  4. BuzzStone

    Way too Early 2023 Predictions

    This title is now solely Michigan's, used to be a shared title with UGA up until a couple years ago
  5. BuzzStone

    Way too Early 2023 Predictions

    I would be ok with that, I would rather us win it all, then FSU because that's where my long shot money will be, then anyone but UGAG
  6. BuzzStone

    Way too Early 2023 Predictions

    Its safe to say UGA and Bama will be back in the Top 4. FSU will be there as well, I don't see a game FSU should lose on their schedule. They were the best ACC team this year and will be better next year. Ohio State will rebound and Michigan will regress. Tenn will be good as well but they...
  7. BuzzStone

    GT Swarm - Competitive Drive Donation

    Former Season ticket holder here. I did not renew, mainly because I can only make 1-2 games a year due to my kids softball schedule. I did donate and will continue to donate as long as we are all moving towards the same goal again.
  8. BuzzStone

    GT Swarm - Competitive Drive Donation

    I am thinking of donating again, need to get the misses approval since we spent a lot this past month on Christmas and a trip to Canada.
  9. BuzzStone

    Portal Watch 2022-23

    Those two back along with a healthy Pyron will mean the new OC gets to start with nice weapons.
  10. BuzzStone

    Coach Prime to Colorado

    I have had some good leaders in my day. My current boss is a wonderful leader at my day job. I have some good leaders working for me in a business I own. I have also seen bad leaders. Maybe football is different, but I would not be comfortable with his leadership. And I was a fan of...
  11. BuzzStone

    Charlie Thomas Entering The Draft

    Hate that we won't see him on the flats but there is no doubt he gave his all. Hell of a Jacket!
  12. BuzzStone

    Brent Key Introductory Press Conference

    Really like the fact that we had local High School coaches at the press conference. That will definitly not hurt our recruiting
  13. BuzzStone

    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Nah we need them to get it right, and beat them anyways. We don't need a cupcake schedule. The ACC this year was horrible top to bottom. We need improvements everywhere.
  14. BuzzStone

    ESPN reporting that playoffs will expand to 12 teams in 2024

    i would tend to agree with you that this is the best year, but it is still UGA and everyone else. No one will beat them. This year there are not 3 legit contenders. Why give a #7 a shot?
  15. BuzzStone

    Your Choice for OC Coached Geno Smith and Johnny Football
  16. BuzzStone

    ESPN reporting that playoffs will expand to 12 teams in 2024

    Has there ever been one year where there were really more than 3 legit contenders? every year I remember there is only 3 teams that really stand out. I am not sure expanding will do much.
  17. BuzzStone

    Key’s Staff

    Any rumors of talking to Jake Spavital? Could be a great addition to our offensive staff.
  18. BuzzStone

    Key’s Staff

    Making some good moves already. Lets hope the new staff can get the same energy and drive out of these men as Key has.
  19. BuzzStone

    POLL: How do you feel about Key as HFC?

    To stabilize the program and keep the kids playing hard I think this was the right move. I hope for Keys sake he has the best of luck on his side too. He is not walking into a great situation as a first time head coach. I truly want him to succeed.
  20. BuzzStone

    Key’s Staff

    Key knew he could turn the program around. Why not accept this offer. In a couple years after were competing for the ACC every year he can renegotiate if he wants.