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  1. Key’s Staff

    Nah. He'd hit the ground like a wet bag of cement. Oh the humanity!
  2. Key’s Staff

    As God is my witness, I didn't know that elephants couldn't fly!
  3. Key’s Staff

    Too bad. My first thought was that TFG was a crapacious head coach.
  4. Is this our best coaching staff of all time?

    Wasn't there an infamous quote from Marrone on the way out, something like "why work for Pepsi when you can work for Coke"?
  5. Is this our best coaching staff of all time?

    Honestly, when I saw the title of the thread, l LOL'ed.
  6. Notre Dame, 1/10 at ND Game

    We've lost handily in every road game this year except the GA State game. Until this team proves it can win a conference road game, I will pick them to lose all of them.
  7. Today’s the day for Paul Johnson and Ralph Friedgen

    I just had to shut down my visualization capabilities.
  8. Dorms

    Techwood dorm for me. Nuff said.
  9. Favorite part of Saturday game

    He was chewing gum?
  10. Key’s Staff

    I don't know if Patinaude is a good coordinator with or away from TFG, just that he was a poor fit for what TFG was trying to sell at GT.
  11. Key’s Staff

    The $ people tired of the option and wanted it gone. It is more correct to say that TFG used this knowledge and former ADTS's fixation on branding to sell his interview and secure the job. As long as TFG sold this vision, ADTS was going to be in his corner. Under these circumstances...
  12. Key’s Staff

    Blame our "money people". They wanted to get rid of anything related to the option. Remember TFG coming in and saying we would run an "NFL" based offense? He was following orders. Hiring Patenaude for that offense was a poor fit.
  13. Key’s Staff

  14. Key’s Staff

    Frankly, 99% of people with opinions on these hires have no idea if they are good hires or not. There are so many variables that go into the process that many are not taking into account. I will make my opinion known about 6 games into next season.
  15. Thought and prayers for Mike Leach

    My body just went numb upon seeing this. Just horrible news.
  16. Portal Watch 2022-23

    Nate said he was going in the portal and he did. No surprise here, not sure why anyone is surprised. All we can do is try to outbid for his services. Better to just hand the reins to Rutherford and see what he can do. Maybe we get a comparable replacement in the portal.
  17. 2022 Adidas Swag Watch

    That was my first thought.
  18. GT Swarm - Competitive Drive Donation

    No way of knowing how many have donated. Only 51 have participated in the poll. I generally ignore polls, but I'll add a vote to help dispel the notion that we are all talk and no action.
  19. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    They don't have to pay off Satterfield. He left on his own. Leaves them with a little more money to work with. But regardless, they are much better off than we are financially.
  20. THWG: Ugag Game Thread

    To Hell With Georgia! How 'bout them dawgs?