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  1. GT/FSU rivalry in the 90s

    They got 2 chances at an onside kick if I can recall - seems that the refs didn't like that they couldn't recover the first one so they gave them a 2nd chance
  2. Portal Watch 2022-23

    He should hopefully be 100% healthy too - Wasn't he battling a hand/wrist injury when he came back this year? That certainly didn't help his catching ability this year
  3. Key’s Staff

    Westover High
  4. Key’s Staff

    Powell-Lee's daddy running the kick-off back
  5. What's your game plan to beat UGA?

    This will be the first time in a while, an inspired Jacket squad steps on the fielld with them - I've felt the last several years the game was over before it even started. Who knows, we get some breaks get out to an early lead and get them reeling into the 2nd half and anything can happen...
  6. UCF just beat the brakes off Temple

    I think that was the throw back Thursday game - The team wore those awesome 70s gold unis and white helmets and my whole block came in disco attire
  7. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Is there interest on Primes end?
  8. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Like the Bill Clark call but I think he is sick and had to step down this year
  9. Deion Sanders On The Flats?

    Where does TStan fit in all of this? Does he get shown the door at the same time as Collins if this season is not a success and Prime is approached as the new head couching target? If so, is the new AD forced to accept Prime as rhe new HC?
  10. Wes Walker

    I guess all the professionalism went to the football team as the baseball team lacked any semblance of civility.
  11. Another random question. When did you start rooting for Tech?

    I grew up about a block away from Gary Lee's family in Albany - Went to several games since my Dad and his worked together and would sometimes get tickets they couldn't use. Albany is huge Dwag country and couldn't stand the constant fawning over cesspool. Those 2 wins in the mid 80s was just...
  12. Fall Camp News

    Is Blackburn even practicing? Ryan King looks like he will see the field a bit
  13. Regional FINAL - Tennessee

    Looks like they will put our gane on ESPN News until the ESPNU game is over
  14. 2022 NCAA Golf Championship

    Stinks to think a couple years ago we would have had 2 US amateur champions on the team (never has this occurred in college golf) and the season was stopped due to covid- would have been neat to see what that team could have done. IIWII
  15. 2022 NCAA Golf Championship

    The fun starts tomorrow - Go Jackets!
  16. Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Wynn has been in the Alabama S&C program for 4 years and seen the field in several games (was the #70 player out of HS). This dude would start for most teams not not named the Tide or the Dwags.